License Type: Recreational Retailer (1217)

License Number Licensee Name County Active Import Date
11121 Division LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
11121 Division, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
11821 NE Glisan LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
123 Pacific Highway LLC Washington Yes 2021-09-09
1450 SE Orient, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-05-18
17 Farms LLC Linn Yes 2020-12-04
22nd and Burn Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
22nd and Burn Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-12-18
2L RETAIL INCORPORATED Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
305 Collective, LLC Marion Yes 2020-07-22
3CI, LLC Coos Yes 2020-05-18
3LB Retail, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-01-09
3L RETAIL INCORPORATED Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
3L RETAIL INCORPORATED Lane Yes 2020-10-02
3rd Bass LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
4.0 Belmont Inc Multnomah Yes 2019-06-25
4.0 Belmont Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-04-05
4.0 Belmont, Inc Multnomah Yes 2021-01-22
4.0 Belmont LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-30
420 Blair Blvd LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-05
420 Club LLC Douglas Yes 2017-03-24
420 Investments LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-25
481 Retail LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-20
4 Lobos, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-13
A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives LLC Klamath Yes 2019-05-03
A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives LLC Error Yes 2019-03-15
Above The Clouds LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Aces, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
AC Eugene LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
ACNM, LLC Washington Yes 2017-01-09
A Family Business, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
050 1000309D4CF A Family Business, LLC, DBA The Grass Shack Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Agricola Independence Inc. Polk Yes 2021-02-26
Agricultural Resource Services, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
AgriServ Enterprises, LLC Washington Yes 2017-06-16
Agronomy LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-23
Agrotek, LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-04
AG-X, LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-04-05
Alex Andrade Polk Yes 2017-03-24
All Systems As Promised, Inc. / WWMP, LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Alpha Alternative Solutions, LLC Marion Yes 2017-01-09
Alternative Remedies LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Alternative Solutions 1 Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-31
Amazon Organics LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
Amberlight, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-12
050 10008693DF6 AMCM LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-10-28
AMF I LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
050 10007012B21 AMJWAF LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
AMJWAF LLC and Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2021-11-01
050 1002423E8DA Ancient Remedies LLC Marion Yes 2016-10-28
Antheia Creations LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
AO Oregon LLC Lane Yes 2019-12-19
050 1001084EC49 Apothecaria LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Arathi Dispensaries OR Inc Coos Yes 2020-10-23
Ashland Cannabis Company, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-05
Ashland Cannabis Company, LLC / Rogue Valley Dispensary, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-12
Astoria Retail, LLC Clatsop Yes 2016-12-23
Astral Markets Inc. Marion Yes 2022-05-20
Atlas V, LLC. Jackson Yes 2020-01-31
Attikus Enterprises, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Attis Trading Company - Barbur, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Attis Trading Company - Cully, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Attis Trading Company - Gladstone, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Attis Trading Company - Lincoln, LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
Attis Trading Company - Medford, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Attis Trading Company - Tillamook, LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-03-24
Bailey, Ford and Wood Enterprises, LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Bakery OR I, Inc. Benton Yes 2021-02-26
Bakery OR I, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
B and M Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
050 1000365F3DF BAS Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
BB & G Group LLC Jackson Yes 2019-12-04
BC Holdings LLC Washington Yes 2018-01-26
Beatnick's Finest, LLC Benton Yes 2019-11-08
Beaver Bowls Benton Yes 2016-12-12
Bend Consulting Deschutes Yes 2017-09-25
Bend Consulting Inc. Deschutes Yes 2018-03-19
050 10000921324 Bend Consulting Inc. - DBA : Cannacopia Deschutes Yes 2016-10-28
BENJAMINSBUDZ LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-11-01
Beryl Industries LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-09
Be Wonderful Wellness Center LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-12-22
Big Ben's Retail LLC and London Partners LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-22
Big medicine botanicals llc Multnomah Yes 2020-12-04
Big Medicine Botanicals LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Bite One"s Lip LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Blackbird Crow LLC Polk Yes 2017-11-17
Blazen Cannabis LLC Harney Yes 2018-10-19
BLOOMINATI CANNABIS CORP Washington Yes 2022-01-25
Bloom Retail LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Bloom Retail, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Bloom Well Inc Deschutes Yes 2020-07-22
Bloom Well, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2016-12-20
Bloom Well, INC Deschutes Yes 2019-01-18
Blubird World LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
Blubird World LLC DBA MindRite Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Blue Dream Cannabis & Vintage Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Blue Elephant Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Blue Heritage, LLC. Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
Blue River Grass Station LLC Lane Yes 2019-04-05
Bon Vivant LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
BON VIVANT LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
BON VIVANT LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
BOYD LEVIT LLC Linn Yes 2017-12-18
BOYD LEVIT LLC Error Yes 2017-04-25
Bradley Cook, Roger Howard Lane Yes 2017-09-25
Broadway Project, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-10-08
Broadway Project, Inc. Washington Yes 2021-05-04
Broadway Project, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
Broadway Project, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
050 1000295A6FF Brooklyn Holding Co Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Brooklyn Holding Co DBA Terpene Station Portland Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
Brothers Cannabis Club LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
brown pig LLC Marion Yes 2018-09-28
brown pig LLC / DBA Club pitbull Marion Yes 2016-12-05
BTE 2 LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
BTE 2, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-22
BTE 3 LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
BTE 4 LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
BTE 5 LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
BTE Reed, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
BTHCR PDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
Bud Bros LLC Josephine Yes 2020-07-22
Bud Bros LLC Curry Yes 2020-07-22
BUD BROS LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
BUD BROS LLC Coos Yes 2017-05-12
BUD BROS LLC Curry Yes 2017-03-24
Buddha's Wellness Center LLC Curry Yes 2017-03-24
Bud Junction LLC Josephine Yes 2020-07-22
Bud Junction, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Budmart Curry Yes 2019-07-23
Buds4U Lane Yes 2020-07-22
BUDS4U LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
BUDS4U LLC Coos Yes 2019-02-22
BUDS4U, LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
BUDS LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Budz Retail, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-19
Burnt River Farms, LLC Malheur Yes 2020-08-07
Burnt River Farms, LLC Error Yes 2019-08-09
Cafe Verde LCC Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
Cafe Verde LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
Canna and the City LLP Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Canna Beach Junction Clatsop Yes 2017-11-17
Canna Beach Junction, LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-09-25
Cannabend, LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-23
Cannabis Corner, LLC. Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
Cannabis, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Cannabiz Experience LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Canna Cave LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
Cannaking Marijuana Dispensaries LLC Douglas Yes 2017-03-24
Cannaking Marijuana Dispensaries, LLC Douglas Yes 2017-05-05
CannaKing Marijuana Dispensaries LLC Douglas Yes 2020-01-17
Cannapro, LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
Canna Royal, Inc Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Canyon Cannabis LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Capitol Green Leaf, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Cardholder Care, Limited Liability Company Jackson Yes 2019-02-22
Cathleen Huffine and Ricky Dudley Multnomah Yes 2018-05-04
CB Flagship, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2021-07-13
CBN Inc Washington Yes 2018-10-26
050 100164832B5 CBN.INC Washington Yes 2016-11-10
CBN OC, INC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
050 100230078F4 CBZ, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
CCC Holding Company LLC Clatsop Yes 2022-05-20
CCC Holding Company LLC Tillamook Yes 2022-03-17
CD Beels Investments, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
050 1001929B4EB CFA Retail LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
050 1002562F618 CFA Retail LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
050 1002954562E CFA Retail LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
050 10018727418 CFA Retail LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
CFA RETAIL LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-04
CFA RETAIL LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-07-28
CFA RETAIL LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
CFA RETAIL LLC Washington Yes 2017-07-28
Chadcor Holdings 2, LLC Error Yes 2020-05-18
Chadcor Holdings 2, LLC Malheur Yes 2020-08-07
Chadcor Holdings 3, LLC Benton Yes 2021-09-09
Chadcor Holdings LLC Lane Yes 2020-01-17
Chadcor Holdings, LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Cherry City Compassion Inc. Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Cherry City Logistics INC Marion Yes 2020-11-13
Christopher Shipps Polk Yes 2022-03-17
Cloud 9 Dispensary LLC Error Yes 2018-02-09
Cloud 9 Dispensary LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
Club MVC LLC Lane Yes 2018-12-28
050 1003493E0C7 Club Sockeye LLC Curry Yes 2016-10-28
CNS Equity Partners OR 100, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-05-05
CNS EQUITY PARTNERS OR 100, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-11-17
CNS EQUITY PARTNERS OR 200, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-10-03
CO2 Company Auction House LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
CO2 Company Auction House, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
Coastal Cannabinoids Lincoln Yes 2018-04-04
Coastal Cannabinoids LLC Lincoln Yes 2020-05-18
Coastal High Ways LLC Douglas Yes 2020-12-04
Coastal High Ways LLC Coos Yes 2017-03-24
Cody Howard Coos Yes 2018-11-16
Cola Cove Farms LLC, Mr. Nice Guy LLC Washington Yes 2017-08-25
Coleman Risdon Lincoln Yes 2017-07-07
Collaboration Cahoots Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-02-19
College View Development LLC Lane 2017-11-17
Columbia Alternative Medical Center LLC Columbia Yes 2017-03-24
Columbia River Herbals LLC Wasco Yes 2016-12-30
Constellation Holdings LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-06-08
COPR Incorporated Benton Yes 2016-12-23
Corvallis Cannabis Club, Inc. Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Corvallis Retail, LLC Benton Yes 2017-09-25
Cougar Cannabis Douglas Yes 2017-03-24
Cougar Cannabis, LLC Douglas Yes 2018-03-19
050 10009873CDF Cowgirl Cannabis LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
Creative Crops Rec, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-06-30
Crowded House, LLC Coos Yes 2017-11-17
Crowded House, LLC Clatsop Yes 2020-08-07
050 10034717686 C&T Consulting, Inc Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Cully Investments LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
Curaleaf Oregon, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-01-31
Cured Green LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-25
Dab Town USA LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Danielle Klaus Bailey Yamhill Yes 2017-11-17
050 10032418898 Danielle Klaus Bailey dba Green Ridge Apothecary Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
David Gor & Brent Gilmour Marion Yes 2020-01-31
David Gor / Brent Gilmour Marion Yes 2017-03-24
David Gor/ Brent Gilmour Marion Yes 2020-07-22
De Amsterdam Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
Denny Retail Investments Inc Washington Yes 2018-05-18
Denny Retail Investments, Inc. Washington Yes 2020-05-18
Deshe' Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
Dess Enterprises LLC Benton Yes 2019-02-22
DG1 LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-12-04
DH Wholesale LLC & Plantae Health Care LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
DH Wholesale LLC / Plantae Health Care LLC. Deschutes Yes 2017-12-08
DH Wholesale LLC/ Plantae Health Care LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-05-18
Diamond Cannabis LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-25
Diamond Enterprise LLC Josephine Yes 2019-01-18
Diamond Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2019-06-11
Diamond Tree, Inc Deschutes Yes 2016-12-05
Diamond Tree, Inc Jefferson Yes 2017-01-09
Dicot Derby Farm, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Dicot Derby Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-28
Discover Investment Group, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Discovery Cannabis llc Lincoln Yes 2018-06-29
Discovery Cannabis LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
Dispenserve, LLC Polk Yes 2017-05-19
Dispenserve, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Dispenserve, LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-03-24
050 10009046D95 Divine Kind Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Division Holistic llc Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
DIXD LLC Lincoln Yes 2019-07-05
050 10008176667 DNF Enterprises, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC Deschutes Yes 2019-06-25
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC Clatsop Yes 2019-07-23
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC Washington Yes 2019-06-25
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC Multnomah Yes 2019-08-09
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC. Washington Yes 2018-06-22
050 10035451904 DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC. Deschutes Yes 2016-10-28
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC. Clatsop Yes 2019-10-25
DOWNTOWN BEND FLAGSHIP, INC. Multnomah Yes 2019-10-25
050 100033994A3 Dr. Jolly's LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-10-28
DUBCATS LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
Dutch Alchemy LLC Lane Yes 2019-02-22
Dutches Corp Coos Yes 2022-05-20
Dutches Corp Marion Yes 2021-09-09
Duzon Enterprises, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Duzon Enterprises, LLC Marion Yes 2017-05-05
Eagle 5 Enterprises Inc. Lane Yes 2017-06-16
East 11th Inc Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Eek Inc Jackson Yes 2021-11-01
050 1002612F763 EHC Holdings LLC Lane Yes 2016-11-10
Eightfold Inc. Tillamook Yes 2017-03-24
Elev8 Cannabis Inc. Lane Yes 2020-07-22
Elev8 Cannabis LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-10
Eleven Names Corporation Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
Elsner Inc Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Elsner Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-02-01
050 10002659379 Emerald City Medicinal Delivery Service, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Emerald Corner Corporation Jackson Yes 2017-04-28
Emerald Evolution LLC/SC&JR LLC Polk Yes 2019-08-09
Emerald Fields, Inc. Linn Yes 2021-01-04
Emerald Treasure LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Emerald Triangle Dispensary Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
Epod Distribution LLC Douglas Yes 2022-01-25
ETD Enterprises, Inc Klamath Yes 2019-06-25
ETD Enterprises, Inc. Klamath Yes 2020-05-18
ETD Enterprises, Inc. Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Eugene OG, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
Everett Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Everett Holdings LLC. Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
050 10012501632 Evergreen Medicinals LLC Multnomah 2016-10-28
Evergreen Organics Inc Jefferson Yes 2017-03-24
Exodus Wellness Center and Social Club Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
050 100127934C6 Farma on Hawthorne, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
FFR Inc. Wasco Yes 2020-10-02
FFR Inc. Hood River Yes 2019-05-13
Fidus PDX, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-01
Fire Cannabis, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-08-20
Firehorse Trading Co., LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Firehorse Trading Co., LLC/JACK A. LEASE/DANA F. WESTPHAL Lane Yes 2018-06-08
Fires Edge LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-26
Fires Edge LLC abn Quick Stop Cannabis Lane Yes 2019-05-03
Fireside Dispensary, Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-12-20
Firestation 23 inc Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
FJ VENTURES, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-31
FLOWR OF LYFE LLC Error Yes 2016-12-20
FLOWR OF LYFE LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Forward Cannabis LLC Josephine Yes 2017-05-12
Forward Retail LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-02
Frequent Vibrationz Lane Yes 2018-09-28
050 1003784CB46 Frequent Vibrationz LLC Lane Yes 2016-11-10
Fresh Garden holdings LLC Clatsop Yes 2019-11-08
Fresh Garden Holdings LLC Clatsop Yes 2018-04-20
Fresh Garden holdings LLC/DBA The Farmacy Clatsop Yes 2019-07-26
Freshstyle LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
FundPDX LLC Washington Yes 2017-01-09
FX 420 Inc Douglas Yes 2019-03-01
FX 420 INC Douglas Yes 2018-03-30
Fyre of Bend LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-04
G5 Investment Group, LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-29
Ganja Leaf LLC Marion Yes 2017-09-25
Gayle Lynne Ashford Linn Yes 2018-06-29
Gaza LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-11-30
Giovanni's LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
GKE, LLC Jefferson Yes 2018-10-19
Glassroots, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Gnome Grown Retail LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-19
G. O. Enterprises LLC Clatsop Yes 2016-12-30
G. O. Enterprises LLC Columbia Yes 2016-12-30
G. O. Enterprises LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-12-30
G. O. Enterprises, LLC Columbia Yes 2018-03-09
G. O. Enterprises, LLC Tillamook Yes 2018-03-09
G. O. Enterprises, LLC Clatsop Yes 2018-03-09
Going Green Albany, Inc. Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Going Green Albany, Inc. Error Yes 2017-03-24
Going Green Albany, Inc. Polk Yes 2017-03-24
Going Green Sweet Home Inc Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Going Green Sweet Home Inc Error Yes 2017-12-08
Going Green Sweet Home Inc Lane Yes 2020-10-02
Gold River Botanicals LLC Jackson Yes 2018-01-26
Good Flower, LLC Clackamas Yes 2022-05-20
Good Karma Springfield, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Gorgeous Green Retail 2 LLC Marion Yes 2019-05-03
Gorgeous Green Retail LLC Marion Yes 2019-07-05
Gramercy Partners LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Grand, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Gras on 7th Cannabis, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
050 100372264E0 Gras on 7th Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Grateful Meds LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
Grateful Meds Springfield LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Grateful Meds Springfield LLC Jefferson Yes 2020-05-18
Grateful Meds Springfield LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
Greeley Gallery LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Green Box, LLC. Multnomah Yes 2017-07-07
050 10014652EE2 Green Dragon Herbal Clinic, LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-10-28
Green Feather LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-11-20
Green Genes Inc Lincoln Yes 2018-04-04
GREEN GENES, INC Lincoln Yes 2016-12-05
Green Girls Hood River Inc Hood River Yes 2017-11-17
050 1000163439B Green Girls Hood River Inc Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
Green Gratitude Corporation Multnomah Yes 2020-10-09
Green Hop LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
Green Knottz 2, LLC Klamath Yes 2019-05-03
Green Knottz 2, LLC Error Yes 2019-02-22
Green Knottz 4, LLC Klamath 2022-05-20
Green Knottz, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-07-07
050 1000292877D GreenLand Enterprises Washington Yes 2016-10-28
GreenLand Enterprises Inc. Washington Yes 2018-09-28
Green Leaf Therapy LLC Columbia Yes 2018-09-28
Greenlink Retail, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Green Man Collective, LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-12-30
050 10026091C87 Green Mart, LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Green Muse LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Green Oasis KGTS LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Green Oasis KGTS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Green Remedies LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
GreenSky Collective LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
Green State Wholesale LLC Marion Yes 2019-02-01
Green State Wholesale LLC Marion Yes 2016-12-20
Green Therapy Holdings Inc Lane Yes 2017-10-06
Green Train LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
Green Valley Wellness, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-23
Green-Way Medicinal inc. Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Green-Way Medicinal Inc Marion Yes 2018-12-28
Green-Way Medicinal, Inc. Marion Yes 2018-08-20
Gregory Pierce & Linda Pierce Coos Yes 2020-01-17
Gregory Pierce & Linda Pierce, as individuals Coos Yes 2017-05-19
050 10020141411 Greshamgold INC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
GreshamGold Inc Multnomah Yes 2018-04-04
Ground Up Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
Ground Up Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-11-08
Growers Guild Farm Corporation Lane Yes 2016-12-20
Growing ReLeaf Inc. Washington Yes 2021-05-04
Growing ReLeaf Inc. Marion Yes 2022-05-20
Growing ReLeaf Inc. and Kiley Property Holdings, LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-23
GSM CONSULTING LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-10
GW Retail 11642 SW Pacific Hwy, Inc. Washington Yes 2020-07-22
GW Retail 17020 SE Division, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-07-05
GW Retail 220 SW 1st Inc Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
GW Retail 220 SW 1st Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-06-29
GW Retail 220 SW 1st Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-03-30
GW Retail Alberta, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-03-08
050 1001606EE83 GW Retail Belmont Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
GW Retail Belmont Inc Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
GW Retail Belmont Inc (Serra Belmont) Multnomah Yes 2018-01-26
GW Retail Foster, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
GW Retail FZT Astoria, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2019-10-25
GW Retail FZT Cannon Beach, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2019-10-25
GW Retail FZT Dekum, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-11-08
GW Retail FZT Milwaukie, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2020-07-22
GW Retail FZT Oregon City, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2020-08-07
GW Retail FZT Portland East, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-08-07
GW Retail FZT Portland West, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-10-25
GW Retail Glisan, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
GW Retail Marlow Inc Washington Yes 2017-01-09
GW Retail Marlow, Inc. Washington Yes 2020-05-18
GW Retail NW Couch, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
GW Retail Pacific Highway, Inc. Washington Yes 2018-12-28
GW Retail Sellwood, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
GW Retail W. 11th INC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
GW Retail Weidler Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-04-10
GW Retail Weidler Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
HAH OREGON LLC Marion Yes 2018-11-09
Halsey Organic Ltd Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
Hami Group LLC Multnomah 2022-01-25
Hami Group LLC Marion Yes 2022-03-17
050 10034040260 Happy Lane LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Haramkhor LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-04-05
Harvest moon essentials, inc Lane Yes 2022-05-20
Harvest Moon Essentials Inc Lane Yes 2017-04-14
Hawkie LLC Lane Yes 2022-03-17
Hawthco One Corporation Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
HC Retail Inc. Coos Yes 2019-07-26
HC Retail, Inc. Douglas Yes 2019-07-05
HC Retail, Inc. Coos Yes 2016-12-30
HC Retail, Inc. Marion Yes 2022-05-20
HD Botanicals, LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-04-05
Healing Green, LLC Polk Yes 2017-03-24
050 100289392BD Health Awareness Group, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
HERBAL GRASSLANDS, LLC Marion Yes 2016-12-05
Herbalist Farmer, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Herbal Remedies 2 inc Marion Yes 2020-07-22
Herbal Remedies 2, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Hermes Strategies Inc. Lane Yes 2017-03-31
HG-R LLC Lane Yes 2020-01-17
Hi Cascade #2, LLC Marion Yes 2017-01-09
Hi Cascade #3, LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
Hi Cascade, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Hi Distributing, LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-06-16
Hierba buena incorporated Marion Yes 2022-01-25
Hierba Buena Incorporated Marion Yes 2018-02-09
High Desert Botanicals LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-06-30
High Desert Cannabis, LLC Umatilla Yes 2018-05-18
High Desert Cannabis, LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-06-16
High Desert Equity Partners, Inc Deschutes Yes 2018-01-29
High Desert Equity Partners, Inc (dba The Local Market) Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
High Desert Flower, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
High Desert Flower, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2021-07-13
050 10015185A66 High Grade Organics Deschutes Yes 2016-10-28
High Grade Organics Incorporated Deschutes Yes 2017-12-08
High Lakes Cannabis Company LLC Klamath Yes 2019-06-25
High Mountain Retail LLC Wasco Yes 2016-12-05
High Quality Compassion LLC Benton Yes 2016-12-30
High Tide Wellness Center LLC Lincoln Yes 2019-07-05
High Tide Wellness Center LLC Curry Yes 2019-08-09
050 10011855BAC High Tide Wellness Center, LLC Curry Yes 2016-10-28
Hillco Asset Management LLC Lane Yes 2021-09-09
Hilltop Pharmaceuticals Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Hippy Trip, Inc Lincoln Yes 2018-09-28
Holgate Retail Investments Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-10-23
Holman St Ventures LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Home Grown Remedies LLC Marion Yes 2017-01-09
Homestead 101, LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-09-28
050 10029490CB7 Homestead 101, LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-10-28
Hood River Naturals llc Hood River Yes 2016-12-30
HORTICULTURE NORTHWEST, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
050 100037147CC Hotbox Farms LLC Baker Yes 2016-10-28
Hotbox Farms LLC Malheur Yes 2020-08-07
Hotbox Farms LLC Error Yes 2019-09-27
House Of Leaves, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-01-09
HQ II LLC Benton Yes 2020-11-20
HSCP Oregon LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
HSCP Oregon LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
HSCP OREGON LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
HSCP OR LLC Lane Yes 2017-12-18
Hunky Dory LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-22
IAJ Holdings LLC Lane Yes 2022-01-25
Inhale LLC Lane Yes 2018-10-19
Integro Group, LLC Marion Yes 2018-05-04
Iron Cross Enterprises LLC Jackson Yes 2022-03-17
Iron Cross Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-19
Iron Cross Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-10
IRRU INVESTMENTS LLC Hood River Yes 2018-09-28
IRRU INVESTMENTS, LLC Hood River Yes 2016-12-05
Jamaica Joel's Inc Lane Yes 2018-04-06
050 10009611DA7 Jamaica Joels Inc Lane Yes 2016-10-28
James Wakefield Marion Yes 2017-03-24
James Wakefield Lincoln Yes 2017-01-09
James Wymore Lane Yes 2019-06-11
JAM PNW GROUP LLC Washington Yes 2019-10-25
Jayne Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
JB Retail LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-10-03
JCCD2, LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-16
JCCD3 LLC Clatsop Yes 2019-05-18
JCCD3 LLC Clatsop Yes 2021-02-16
JCCD_Gladstone LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-08-07
JCCD LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-08-25
JENNY'S OF OREGON I, INC. Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
JIA Holdings Ltd Clackamas Yes 2019-02-01
jimo holdings llc Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
JIMO Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-08
JIMS LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
JINΓÇÖS INC. Clackamas Yes 2019-09-09
JOMOSH, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-23
Jordanick, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-08-11
Joseph Glover LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
JR Agricultural LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-09-09
JSP Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-14
JT Delange LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-09
J.T.W. II LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
J.T.W. LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-10-19
JTW LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Justice Cannabis Company, LLC Marion Yes 2020-12-04
JV Retail 2 LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
JV Retail 3 LLC Lane Yes 2021-09-09
JV Retail 4 LLC Marion Yes 2021-09-09
K9 Chronic LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
Kanopy 7 West Medford LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-06
KDL Corporation Polk Yes 2021-01-04
Kind Care, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
050 1000396C575 Kind Heart Collective Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
KIND LEAF PENDLETON LLC Umatilla Yes 2018-05-18
KIND LEAF PENDLETON LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-03-24
Kindlove LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
King Kannabis LLC Coos Yes 2018-03-30
050 1000942FDE4 Kirk Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
KJK Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
050 10024220915 KJK Enterprises LLC Error Yes 2016-10-28
klamath falls cannabis Klamath Yes 2021-07-13
KLJ LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-12-22
Koda Boy Investments LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
Krystal Green LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Kush Cart, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
La Cannaisseur LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
La Mota Washington Yes 2016-12-23
La Mota 10 LLC Marion Yes 2017-07-28
La Mota 13, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-13
La Mota 3 LLC Douglas Yes 2018-05-04
La Mota 3, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
La Mota 3, LLC Douglas Yes 2017-11-17
La Mota 6 LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
La Mota 6 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota 6 LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
La Mota 7 LLC Douglas Yes 2016-12-23
La Mota 7 LLC Douglas Yes 2020-08-07
La Mota 8 LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
La Mota 8 LLC Washington Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota 8 LLC and Rosa Cazares Washington Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota 8 LLC & Rosa Cazares Washington Yes 2019-10-25
La Mota 9 LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
La Mota 9 LLC & Rosa Cazares Lane Yes 2018-10-19
La Mota Beaverton 2 LLC Washington Yes 2020-08-07
La Mota Brookings LLC Curry Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Brookings LLC & Rosa Cazares Curry Yes 2019-08-09
La Mota Brookings LLC & Rosa Cazares Curry Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Burnside LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
La Mota Courts LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Courts LLC and Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
La Mota Forest Grove LLC Washington Yes 2020-08-07
La Mota Front Ave LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Front Ave LLC and Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
La Mota Front Ave LLC and Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota Gold Beach LLC Curry Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Gold Beach LLC Curry Yes 2020-10-02
La Mota Gold Beach LLC & Rosa Cazares Curry Yes 2019-08-09
La Mota Hollywood LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-25
La Mota Hollywood LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota Johnson Creek LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Johnson Creek LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2019-01-18
La Mota Lebanon 2 LLC Linn Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Lebanon 2 LLC & Rosa Cazares Linn Yes 2019-03-08
La Mota Lebanon 3 LLC Linn Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Lebanon 3 LLC & Rosa Cazares Linn Yes 2019-03-08
La Mota Lebanon LLC Linn Yes 2017-12-18
La Mota Lebanon LLC Error Yes 2017-03-24
La Mota Lebanon LLC and Rosa Cazares Linn Yes 2020-07-22
La Mota LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-25
La Mota, LLC Douglas Yes 2016-12-12
La Mota, LLC Washington 2016-12-20
La Mota, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-12
050 1000779DEF8 La Mota, LLC Douglas Yes 2016-10-28
050 100077728CC La Mota, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
La Mota, LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
La Mota Medford 2 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Medford 2 LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2018-11-16
La Mota Medford 3 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Medford 3 LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2019-05-18
La Mota Medford 3 LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Medford 4 LLC Coos Yes 2021-09-09
La Mota Medford 4 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Medford 5 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-08
La Mota Medford 6 LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
La Mota Merlin LLC Clackamas Yes 2022-01-25
La Mota Merlin LLC Washington 2021-11-01
La Mota Myrtle Point LLC Coos Yes 2020-10-02
La Mota North Portland LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-30
La Mota Roseburg 2 LLC Douglas Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota Roseburg 2 LLC & Rosa Cazares Douglas Yes 2019-02-22
La Mota Sandy LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
La Mota Sandy LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota Sandy LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Sweet Home 2 LLC Linn Yes 2021-01-08
La Mota Sweet Home LLC and Rosa Cazares Linn Yes 2018-11-16
La Mota SW Portland LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota SW Portland LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
LAWC West II, Inc Multnomah Yes 2018-12-28
LAWC West II, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
L&D Development LLC Benton Yes 2017-08-25
Leaf and Paper LLC Douglas 2018-09-28
Lee Consulting of Oregon LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-12
Left Coast Canopy II, LLC Error Yes 2020-05-18
Left Coast Canopy II, LLC Malheur Yes 2020-08-07
Left Coast Canopy, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Left Coast Connections Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Left Coast Connections, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Lekcinton INC Lane Yes 2022-05-20
Lekcinton LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-28
LGCLORDIS1 LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
LGCLORDIS2 LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Lincoln City Collective Lincoln Yes 2016-12-23
Little Amsterdam Wellness Center LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-30
Livewell INC Marion Yes 2017-04-14
LivWell Oregon 1, LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
LL RETAIL INCORPORATED Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
LONDON PARTNERS LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
LONDON PARTNERS LLC Josephine Yes 2021-11-01
LTV Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-08-26
Luanka L.L.C. Curry Yes 2022-05-20
M3DS LLC Linn Yes 2017-12-18
M3DS LLC Error Yes 2017-03-24
MACH Enterprises LLC Clatsop Yes 2021-11-01
Magic Castle, Inc Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
Magic Castle, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-05-19
Mahalo, Inc. Washington Yes 2016-12-30
MAIN STRAINS LLC Washington Yes 2022-05-20
Mana PDX, Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-06-30
Mandy's Sugar Shack INC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Marigold Enterprises LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Market Street Station, Inc. Marion Yes 2018-06-29
Max Consulting Group LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Mazuma Merchant Services, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
MC11 LLC Lane Yes 2022-05-20
MC11, LLC Lane Yes 2021-02-16
MC22 LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
MC33 LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-11-01
MCCM Scientific LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
MCC PDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
MCQ WORKS LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
MCQ Works LLC abn Grasslands Dispensary Lane Yes 2017-03-24
MDSR, Inc. Yamhill Yes 2020-07-22
Meadow Camp LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Medicated LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
Medicated LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Medicine Tree LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-12-23
Megawood Enterprises Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-12
MEGAWOOD ENTERPRISES INC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-28
Midori Retail LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-30
050 1000393A41C Mid Valley Patient Resource Center Corporation Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Mid-Valley Patient Resource Center Corporation Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Miracle Greens, Inc Benton Yes 2020-10-23
050 10008384059 Miracle Greens, Inc Deschutes Yes 2016-11-10
Miss Organic LLC Columbia Yes 2020-08-07
Miss Organic LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-30
Miss Organic, LLC Columbia Yes 2017-03-24
MJAI Oregon 1, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-05
MJAI Oregon 1, LLC Marion Yes 2019-02-22
MJAI Oregon 2, LLC Marion Yes 2016-12-30
MJAI Oregon 3, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
MJAI Oregon 4, LLC Marion Yes 2018-03-09
MML Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
M&M LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-23
MNG Bend, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-11-16
MNG Holdings, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
MNG Holdings, LLC Clatsop Yes 2018-11-16
MNG Holdings, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
MNG Holdings, LLC Coos Yes 2018-08-20
MNG Holdings, LLC Benton Yes 2018-10-19
MNG Holdings, LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-01
MNG Holdings, LLC Washington Yes 2019-03-08
MNG Holdings, LLC Klamath Yes 2021-01-22
MNG Holdings, LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
MNG Holdings, LLC Error Yes 2018-03-30
MNG Holdings, LLC Marion Yes 2018-03-09
Modern Forest LLC Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Modern Forest LLC Error Yes 2017-03-24
Modern Forest Sweet Home LLC Linn Yes 2021-05-04
Moon Beam Budz LLC Marion Yes 2019-05-18
Moss Crossing LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
MSST Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
M Thrive Organics LLC Wallowa Yes 2020-08-07
M Thrive Organics LLC Wasco Yes 2016-12-05
M Thrive Organics LLC Error Yes 2019-05-03
MTO Holdings, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Natural Wonders LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Nature Purity Corporation Lane Yes 2017-04-10
Nature Quest, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Nature's Alternative, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Nature's Alternative, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-04-25
Nature's Alternative, Inc. C/O Susan Rutherford Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Nature's Choice Alternative Medicine, LLC Clatsop Yes 2016-12-23
Nature's Emporium LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Nature's Path LLC Benton Yes 2020-10-16
050 100329951CD Natures's Choice Alternative Medicine, LLC Clatsop Yes 2016-11-10
Navi, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
NDR CONSULTING LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-09-09
050 1003306A6B6 Nectar Markets, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Nectar Markets, LLC Malheur Yes 2022-03-17
050 100149904F1 Nectar Markets, LLC Multnomah 2016-10-28
Nectar Markets, LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-22
Nectar Markets, LLC Curry Yes 2020-11-13
Nectar Markets, LLC Marion Yes 2017-09-25
Nectar Markets, LLC Jackson Yes 2022-01-25
050 100150093E2 Nectar Markets, LLC Multnomah 2016-10-28
Nectar Markets, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-12-28
050 10001759551 Nectar Markets, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
050 1003305612E Nectar Markets, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
050 1003307ED92 Nectar Markets, LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-10-28
Nectar Markets, LLC Josephine Yes 2022-01-25
Nehalem Bay Wellness, Ltd. Tillamook Yes 2017-01-09
050 1000818724C New Horizons Consultants, LLC. Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
New Riderz Detroit Lake LLC Marion Yes 2017-11-17
New Riderz Detroit Lake LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-02
050 10032186336 New Riderz, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
New Vansterdam MED, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Next Level Health llc. Lane Yes 2016-12-05
Next Level Health, LLC Lane Yes 2020-07-22
NoDak Enterprises, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-05
Northwest Greenhouse LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
NUWAVE SEASIDE LLC Clatsop Yes 2022-03-17
nv oakridge llc Lane Yes 2017-03-24
NV Oakridge LLC Lane Yes 2020-11-20
NV Salem, Inc Marion 2017-03-24
NWChronic LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-08-09
NW Compassion Medical Center Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
NW Compassion Medical Center, Inc Multnomah Yes 2020-10-09
NXNW RETAIL OREGON, LLC Malheur Yes 2021-01-04
OCC Retail 1, LLC Jackson Yes 2022-01-25
Ocean Grown Cannabis Company LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Ocean Grown Cannabis Company LLC Jackson Yes 2019-10-08
OC Joe, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-08-07
OG3 Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
OG3, LLC. Lincoln Yes 2019-12-04
OGC Inc. Jackson Yes 2017-03-31
OGC, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
OG Collective, LLC and OG Leasing LLC Polk Yes 2018-09-28
OG Collective, LLC and OG Leasing LLC Marion Yes 2016-12-30
OG Collective, LLC and OG Leasing, LLC Polk Yes 2021-07-13
OG Collective, LLC and OG Leasing, LLC Benton Yes 2021-07-13
OG Collective, LLC and OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2021-07-13
OG Collective LLC / OG Leasing LLC Marion Yes 2018-01-19
OG Collective LLC / OG Leasing LLC Polk Yes 2018-03-09
Old School Bliss LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
OMD2 INC. Multnomah Yes 2017-04-14
OMG Medical Marijuana LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Omnific Sol Limited Benton Yes 2017-03-24
One Draw Two Dispensary Multnomah Yes 2018-11-02
One Draw Two LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Ontario Retail LLC Malheur Yes 2021-07-13
OpCo Retail 1 LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
OPCO Retail 1 LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-03-15
ORCL, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-08-26
Oregon Bud Company LLC Marion Yes 2018-11-02
Oregon Bud Company LLC Washington Yes 2018-11-02
Oregon Bud Company LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-11-02
Oregon Bud Company LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-11-02
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-01-18
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Cannabis Co. Rec. LLC Error Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Cannabis Co. Rec. LLC Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Oregon Cannabis Growers Association LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-01-09
Oregon City Retail Investments Inc Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
Oregon City Retail Investments, Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-06-30
Oregon Coast Dispensary Inc Lincoln Yes 2016-12-30
Oregon Emerald City Columbia Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Emerald City LLC Columbia Yes 2018-09-28
Oregon Grown Gift Shop LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-28
Oregon Grown, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
Oregon High LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-12-19
Oregon Medigreen Lane Yes 2017-05-19
050 1000161114D Oregon Resources Marketing LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Resources Marketing, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Oregon Resources Marketing LLC/Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
Oregon Resources Trading LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-11-01
Oregon Resources Trading LLC/ Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
Oregon Resources Trading LLC/Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-01-18
050 1000162E337 Oregon Resources Trading LLC, Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC, Oregon Processing and Packaging LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-07
Oregon's Best Meds Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Oregon's Best Meds, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-30
Oregon's Herbal Remedies LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
Oregon Store Services LLC Wasco Yes 2019-12-19
Oregon Store Services LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-16
Oregon Yak, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
ORSR LLC Clatsop Yes 2022-01-25
Otis Collective LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-12-30
050 1002749D5F6 OVC LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
Pacific Commercial Holdings LLC Coos Yes 2020-07-22
Pacific Commercial Holdings LLC Lincoln Yes 2021-07-13
Pacific Eclipse NW LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-12
PACIFIC GREEN LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-23
Pacific Highway Investments LLC, Hank's Motor Sports LLC Washington Yes 2018-03-09
Pacific Northwest Horticulture, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-06
Pacific Northwest Horticulture, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Pacific Partners RTG, LLC Coos Yes 2019-11-08
Pacific Partners RTG, LLC. Coos Yes 2017-03-24
Pac NW Ventures LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Pac NW Ventures LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
PaddyEugene FC, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-18
Pakalolo PDX, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
PanHealth Solutions Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
PanHealth Solutions, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Patients Helping Patients LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Patrick Maher Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
PBB Retail LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
PDX Flagship, Inc Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
PearlServ Enterprises, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-08-04
Pendleton Cannabis LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-03-24
Pendleton Cannabis LLC Umatilla Yes 2018-05-18
Pete's Farm LLC Lincoln Yes 2022-01-25
050 10013998C72 Philip Hutson - Kelly Hutson Lincoln Yes 2016-10-28
Phresh Start LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Pike Park LLC Marion Yes 2018-07-06
Pioneer Herbs LLC Jefferson Yes 2018-11-30
Piper's Holistic Essentials, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Plane Jane's LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Plantae Health Care LLC Jefferson Yes 2021-05-04
Plantae Health Care LLC Jefferson Yes 2016-12-30
Plantae Health Care LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
PNW Cannabis, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-30
PNW Investment Holdings LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-23
Point Break LLC Clatsop Yes 2020-10-23
Point Break, LLC Clatsop Yes 2020-07-22
Point Break, LLC Coos Yes 2020-05-18
Pono Lapine LLC Deschutes Yes 2022-03-17
POPS' LLC Curry Yes 2022-01-25
Portland Asset Holdings Corporation Multnomah Yes 2019-05-13
Portland Green Oasis LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Portland Health Center Incorporated Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Positive Vibrations Coos Yes 2017-03-24
PotLand Oregon Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
PotLand Oregon, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-08-09
PotMates LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-05
PottonMouth LLC/Laughing Head LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-05-18
Powellhurst Alternative Medical Center LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Power Plant LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Power Plant LLC Marion Yes 2021-07-13
Power Plant LLC Jackson Yes 2022-01-25
PPC Holdings LLC Coos Yes 2017-11-17
PPC Holdings LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-03-24
PPC Holdings LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-11-17
PPC Holdings, LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-01-12
PPC Holdings, LLC Coos Yes 2018-01-12
PPC Holdings, LLC Tillamook Yes 2018-01-12
PPC Holdings, LLC and Daryl Bell Tillamook Yes 2019-02-22
PPC Holdings, LLC and Daryl Bell Clatsop Yes 2021-09-09
PPC Holdings, LLC and Daryl Bell Clackamas Yes 2019-02-22
PPC Holdings, LLC & Daryl Bell Lincoln Yes 2018-10-19
PPC Holdings, LLC & Daryl Bell Coos Yes 2018-10-19
PPC Holdings, LLC & Daryl Bell Tillamook Yes 2018-10-19
PPC Holdings, LLC & Daryl Bell Clackamas Yes 2018-10-19
PPC Holdings, LLC/Daryl Bell Tillamook Yes 2018-02-02
PPC Holdings, LLC/Daryl Bell Clackamas Yes 2018-02-09
PPC Holdings, LLC/Daryl Bell Coos Yes 2018-02-02
PPC Holdings, LLC/Daryl Bell Lincoln Yes 2018-02-02
Premier Concepts, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Premium Choice Medical Marijuana LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Premium Medicine Of Oregon LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-26
Premium Medicine Of Oregon LLC Hood River Yes 2017-12-08
Preserve Oregon Corp Marion Yes 2018-09-28
Price Family Enterprise LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-01
Private CRE Fund I, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Progressive Collective LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Providing All Patients Access LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
Puddletown Organics LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
050 1000061F6D2 Puregon LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Purple Organics LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
050 10028870A73 Purple Organics LLC Error Yes 2016-11-10
Pursuit of Happyness LLC Coos Yes 2016-12-20
Pyramid Property Management, LLC Hood River Yes 2017-01-09
Quattro Altos LLC Lane Yes 2020-05-18
Quattro Altos, LLC Lane Yes 2018-04-20
Random point LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Random Point LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
Rare Earth Dispensary L.L.C Lane Yes 2016-12-30
Rare Earth Dispensary LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-28
R A & R Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Raymond Telly Jr. Multnomah Yes 2017-08-04
RB Bandon 1, LLC Coos Yes 2020-10-30
RB Coos Bay 1, LLC Coos Yes 2020-10-02
RB Coquille 1, LLC. Coos Yes 2020-10-30
RB Myrtle Point 1 LLC Coos Yes 2020-07-22
RB Reedsport 1, LLC Douglas Yes 2020-07-22
RB Reedsport 1, LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
RB Reedsport 2 LLC Douglas Yes 2022-03-17
RB Roseburg 1 LLC Douglas Yes 2020-07-22
RB Roseburg 2, Inc. Douglas Yes 2018-12-28
RB Roseburg 2, LLC Douglas Yes 2020-01-17
REC REHAB CONSULTING LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
Redbarn Pharms LLC Douglas Yes 2020-10-09
Red Barn Pharms LLC Douglas Yes 2017-09-25
Reefer Madness LLC Marion Yes 2019-11-15
Reefer Madness, LLC Marion Yes 2018-03-09
ReLeaf Health Oregon LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
Renee's Herb Store LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-01-09
Richard Goodwin & Kenneth West Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Rip City Delivery LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-08-18
River City Ventures, Inc. Josephine Yes 2022-01-25
Riverglass Shop LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Riverglass Shop LLC Marion Yes 2021-01-04
River Valley Remedies LLC Marion Yes 2019-06-11
River Valley Remedies LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Rockaway Retail, LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-03-24
Rocky Mtn Dispensary Inc Grant Yes 2019-05-03
Rocky Mtn Dispensary Inc Error Yes 2018-08-20
Rogue Valley Dispensary LLC Jackson Yes 2017-01-09
Rogue Valley Dispensary, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
Rogue Valley Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-30
Rogue Valley Enterprises, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-01-09
Ronald McReynolds, Tracey McReynolds Error Yes 2017-11-17
Ronald McReynolds, Tracey McReynolds Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Rooted Coast Cannabis LLC Coos Yes 2018-12-28
Rooted Northwest Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Rosa Land And Timber Inc Coos Yes 2020-11-20
Rosa Land And Timber LLC Coos Yes 2018-06-22
Rosa Land & Timber Inc. Coos Yes 2021-01-04
Rosebuds Bakery LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Rosebuds Bakery LLC DBA Terpene Station Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Rose City Buds & Flowers LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-31
Rose City USA LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-30
050 1000399E26D Rose City Wellness Oldtown LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
Rose Plaza, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-05
Ross Agro, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-04-04
Ross and Levit Enterprises, LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-12-20
Ross & Levit Enterprises LLC Lincoln Yes 2021-01-04
Route 30 Retail, LLC Hood River Yes 2021-11-01
050 1001215FD92 RSS Business Services, Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
R&T Industries, LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
RVC Main St, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-02-02
Rye Waters Incorporated Multnomah Yes 2017-05-26
RY Industries LLC Columbia Yes 2021-01-15
Saints, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Salem Hyacinth, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
Salem Organics, LLC Marion Yes 2018-09-28
050 10029505EC7 SCAPPOOSE21PLUS LLC Columbia Yes 2016-10-28
SC Holdings, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Scott, Inc Baker Yes 2016-12-30
Scout Lake Retail LLC Marion Yes 2021-09-09
Seaweed Reef LLC Lincoln Yes 2022-03-17
Seed Soil Sun, LLC Lane Yes 2020-01-17
Seed Soil Sun, LLC Lane Yes 2018-02-09
Segreto LLC Error Yes 2019-07-23
Segreto LLC Malheur Yes 2020-08-07
Serene Highness #2, LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-12-30
Serene Highness, LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-12-30
Serious Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-31
050 10020753B7D Serra Downtown Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
SFC LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-06
Sheryl Rabitoy & Robert Rabitoy Jackson Yes 2018-07-27
Sheryl Rabitoy & Robert Rabitoy, as individuals Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
SHH...,LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Silver Falls Retail LLC Marion Yes 2021-09-09
Simplee Green LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Simplee Green LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-20
Simplee Green, LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
SkunkRx LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
SkunkRx LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-25
Slabtown Proprietors LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
SLC SPRINGFIELD LLC Lane Yes 2021-09-09
Slichlolo Broadway Retail LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Smart Choice Investments LLC Curry Yes 2017-03-24
Smart Choice Investments LLC Marion Yes 2018-09-28
Smart Choice Investments LLC/ Stefan J Mihaliak Clatsop Yes 2022-03-17
Smile Ventures, Inc. Douglas Yes 2021-02-16
SM Mystic Roots, LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-04-10
SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
SMS Ventures LLC Marion Yes 2021-07-13
SMS Ventures LLC Linn Yes 2020-10-02
SMS Ventures LLC Polk Yes 2018-03-09
SMS Ventures LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
SMS Ventures LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
SMS Ventures LLC dba Homegrown Oregon Marion Yes 2016-12-23
Sockeye Farms, LLC Curry Yes 2018-01-12
Solutions of the Millennium LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
South Coast Compassion LLC Coos Yes 2016-12-23
South Coast Dispensaries and More LLC Curry Yes 2018-03-09
south coast dispensaries llc Curry Yes 2016-12-20
SPEEDY JANES, LLC Washington Yes 2017-11-17
SPEEDY JANES, LLC Washington Yes 2018-03-09
Springfield Retail LLC Malheur Yes 2021-01-04
Springfield Retail LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-19
SRH Holdings LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-31
SR Oregon LLC Lincoln Yes 2021-01-22
SSCN Inc Clatsop Yes 2018-10-26
SSCN.INC (cannabis Nation) Clatsop Yes 2016-12-23
S & S Emporium LLC Coos Yes 2017-03-24
Stage Two Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
STAPLETON ONE LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-15
Star Leaf Cannabis Inc. Lane Yes 2017-04-25
Star Rock Inc Marion Yes 2021-07-13
Stateline Cannabis LLC Curry Yes 2017-03-24
STB Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2022-05-20
Steven Geiger & Yvette Geiger Clatsop Yes 2017-03-24
Stoney Only Clackamas LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Stoney Only Portland LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-19
Stonies LLC Coos Yes 2016-12-23
Stumptown Cannabis LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Sugarbush Botanicals LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-09
Sugarbush Botanicals, LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-08
Sugar Oak LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
Sumpter Nugget, LLC Baker Yes 2017-03-24
050 1000100101A Sun Breeze Inc Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
050 10001271938 Sun Breeze Inc Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sunnyside Retail Investments Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-03-08
Sunray Cannabis Lincoln Yes 2017-01-09
Sunray Cannabis LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-03-09
Sweet Leaf Cannabis LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Sweet Leaf Cannabis of Eugene LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
Sweet Leaf Cannabis of Springfield LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-30
Sweet Leaf Illusions LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Sweetleaf Portland, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
050 1001489965C SWEET LEAF PORTLAND, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Sweet Tree Farms INC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
050 1000458911D Talent Health Club LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Tammy Brown Inc Washington Yes 2016-12-20
Tarp, Inc. Washington Yes 2022-01-25
TCAIXP LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
TCAIXP, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
TCDC,LLC Washington Yes 2017-04-10
Techlogix Consulting LLC Curry Yes 2019-10-08
T.E.R.P Collective INC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-31
Tetra Management LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-05
Tetra Management LLC abn Northwest Releaf Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
THC Retail LLC Washington Yes 2021-09-09
THC Retail LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
THC Retail LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-09-09
The 5 of Us L.L.C. Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
050 1003040668A The5ofusLLc. Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
The Agrestic LLC Benton Yes 2016-12-23
The Agrestic North, Inc. Benton Yes 2018-06-22
The brew house, llc Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
The Coughie Pot, LLC Baker Yes 2017-01-09
The Emerald Vault, Inc. Lane Yes 2018-01-26
050 1002050670F The Farmacy, LLC Clatsop Yes 2016-10-28
The Good Leaf Organic Collective Deschutes Yes 2016-12-30
The Gorge Green Cross Inc. Hood River Yes 2017-01-09
The Grass Hut II LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
The Green Planet, Inc Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
The Green Planet, Inc Clackamas Yes 2016-12-05
The Green Planet, Inc Washington Yes 2016-12-30
050 1003394CD52 The Green Remedy LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
The Growers Guild Gardens Corporation Lane Yes 2017-03-24
050 100035555F6 The Herbal Centre LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
The Holistic Choice Inc. Marion Yes 2017-03-24
050 10006222890 The Holistic Coop LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
The Honey Pot L.L.C. Marion Yes 2019-05-03
The House of Dank LLC Douglas Yes 2018-06-01
The Joint On Market Street LLC Marion Yes 2019-09-13
050 1000080680D The Joint On Market Street LLC Marion Yes 2016-10-28
The Lucky Leaf Marion Yes 2019-11-15
The Lucky Leaf, LLC Marion Yes 2016-12-30
050 1002568A92C The Medication Station, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2016-11-10
050 1002566EF10 The Medication Station, Inc. Lane Yes 2016-10-28
050 10025655A62 The Medication Station, Inc. Lincoln Yes 2016-10-28
the natural refinery llc Multnomah Yes 2018-03-30
The Natural Refinery LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-09-09
The New Amsterdam LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
The New Amsterdam LLC Lake Yes 2018-06-22
The People's Wellness Center Lane Yes 2017-03-24
The People's Wellness Center Inc Lane Yes 2019-07-05
THE REC CENTER LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-12-08
THE SESSION LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-02-26
The Wicked Flower Shoppe Jackson Yes 2017-04-25
The Wickid Flower Shoppe Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
Three Kings Organics Wasco Yes 2017-03-24
Three Kings Organics LLC Wasco Yes 2017-07-28
THURMAN STREET GALLERY LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Thur's Smoke Shop LLC Umatilla Yes 2019-08-09
Tidepool Cannon Beach Inc Clatsop Yes 2017-11-17
Tidepool Cannon Beach, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2019-10-25
Tidepool East, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Tidepool Interstate, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-11-30
Tidepool Northeast, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2018-05-04
Tidepool Northeast, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
Tidepool Oregon City, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
Tidewater Retail, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2017-07-28
TJH Enterprises Inc Jackson Yes 2019-08-09
TJH Enterprises Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-06-25
TJH Enterprises LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-18
TLC Medical, Inc. Marion Yes 2017-03-24
TLC Medical, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2021-01-04
050 100137839DD TLC Medical, LLC. Marion Yes 2016-10-28
Today's Herbal Choice Barbur, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-04-20
Today's Herbal Choice Fremont, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-19
Today's Herbal Choice, Fremont LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-01-17
Today's Herbal Choice, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-01-09
Today's Herbal Choice Milwaukie, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-02
Today's Herbal Choice NB, LLC Coos Yes 2021-01-04
Today's Herbal Choice Reedsport, LLC Douglas Yes 2019-03-15
Today's Herbal Choice Stayton, LLC Marion Yes 2021-01-04
Today's Herbal Choice Tillamook, LLC Tillamook Yes 2020-11-20
Tokyo Starfish 1, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2021-11-01
Tokyo Starfish 2, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2021-11-01
Tokyo Starfish 3, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2021-11-01
Tokyo Starfish 4, Inc Marion Yes 2020-10-16
Tokyo Starfish, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2016-12-05
Tokyo Starfish South, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2017-03-31
top shelf cannabis Incorporated Yamhill Yes 2017-01-09
Top Shelf Medicine Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
Top Shelf Wellness Center Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
Top Shelf Wellness Center LLC Jackson Yes 2019-01-18
Track Town Collective LLC Lane Yes 2018-02-09
Treasure Valley Cannabis Company, LLC Malheur Yes 2020-10-02
Treehouse Collective LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Tree House Collective LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
Trees MLK Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-09-09
Trees Oregon, LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Trees Portland LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Treestar LLC Marion Yes 2018-03-09
Treestar, LLC. Marion Yes 2020-05-18
Trees Waterfront, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-03-25
Trellis Holdings OP - 3424 NE 82nd Avenue LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Trichome Acres LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-30
TRI Consulting & Properties LLC Marion Yes 2019-08-09
TRI Consulting & Properties LLC Lane Yes 2022-05-20
050 1000235878E TR Jones LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Truehitt Company 2 LLC Marion Yes 2021-09-09
Truly OG LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
TRULY PURE LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-30
Truth inc Marion Yes 2018-07-20
Tryke City, LLC Curry Yes 2017-11-17
TSM 2 INC. Lake Yes 2020-10-02
TSM LLC Lake Yes 2018-05-25
TSM LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-04-20
TSM LLC Lincoln Yes 2021-02-16
TSM LLC (Top Shelf Medicine) Lake Yes 2018-12-28
TSM LLC (Top Shelf Medicine) Deschutes Yes 2018-12-28
Tsunami Marijuana LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-04-25
Tsunami Marijuana LLC Clatsop Yes 2019-05-03
Tualatin Valley Retail Investments Inc. Washington Yes 2019-09-27
Tumbleweed Cannabis Co. LLC Harney Yes 2017-06-16
Umpqua Green Cross llc. Douglas Yes 2017-03-24
Umpqua Green Cross LLC Douglas Yes 2018-07-20
Uplift Botanicals, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Urban Collective PDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-12
Urban Collective PDX, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-07-22
Urban Farmacy Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Urban Medicinal LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Valley Health LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-12-30
Verdant Ventures LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-04
050 10001263A2F Vernonia's Natural Choice LLC Columbia Yes 2016-10-28
Verta-Go Ventures, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-02-22
050 1001485A501 Vessel Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
VIDAVERDE LICENSES, INC. Multnomah Yes 2020-11-20
VLF Management LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
VLF Management LLC Marion Yes 2022-05-20
VLF Management, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-10-03
VLF Management, LLC Marion Yes 2017-04-14
Von Kniggie LTD Linn Yes 2019-07-23
Vulcan Alchemy Systems, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
050 10006902F60 Waldport Cannabis LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-10-28
Walnut St LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Wanderlust Lebanon LLC Linn Yes 2021-01-04
WEEDBUCKS, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
WEEDBUCKS, LLC Josephine Yes 2022-03-17
Weed Land Inc Multnomah Yes 2020-10-09
Weedmart LLC Clatsop Yes 2021-09-09
Weedmart LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-22
Wellstone LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
West Coast Gardens LLC Benton Yes 2021-05-04
West Coast Organics LLC Curry Yes 2017-03-24
Western Oregon Dispensary Inc Washington Yes 2018-12-28
Western Oregon Dispensary Inc. Clatsop Yes 2021-02-16
Western Oregon Dispensary Inc. Washington Yes 2021-02-16
Western Oregon Dispensary Inc. Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Western Oregon Dispensary, Inc. Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Western Oregon Dispensary, Inc. Clatsop Yes 2020-05-18
Western Oregon Dispensary, Inc. Yamhill Yes 2021-01-04
Wicked Flower Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-23
Wicked Flower Shop LLC Jackson Yes 2022-01-25
Wicked Flower Shoppe Jackson Yes 2019-05-03
Wicked Rain 76 LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Wildcat Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-15
Wild West Emporium - Molalla - Oregon City, Inc Clackamas Yes 2021-11-01
Wild West Emporium - Molalla - Oregon City, Inc Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Wild West Emporium - Molalla - Oregon City, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Willamette Bay Holdings Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-07-06
Williams, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
050 10005818F95 Williams Street Green House LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Wolf D, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-23
WSW Investments LLC; Bo and Lia Holdings LLC Washington Yes 2020-11-20
WWMP LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
WWMP, LLC/ OC Joe, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-12-18
Xclusives Taste Retail, LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Yachats Cannabis Company LLC Lincoln Yes 2019-01-18
Yak, Inc. Marion Yes 2021-01-04
Yak, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-01-22
Zachary Kohler Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
ZERJAN LLC Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Zuni Products, Inc. Josephine Yes 2022-05-20