License Type: Recreational Wholesaler (441)

License Number Licensee Name County Active Import Date
11121 Division LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
11121 Division, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-08-26
123 Pacific Highway LLC Washington Yes 2021-09-09
2GC HOLDINGS LLC Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
060 1001747699F 3Littlebirds, LLC Josephine 2016-10-28
420 Bunkerville LLC Baker Yes 2019-10-08
420BUNKERVILLE LLC Baker Yes 2018-01-12
420 Investments LLC Marion Yes 2017-11-17
43CC, LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
7 Points Inc Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Agricola Wholesale, Inc. Lane Yes 2021-11-01
Agricultural Resource Services, LLC Marion Yes 2020-07-22
Agricultural Resource Services, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
ANM, Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-02-01
ANM, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
ANM INC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
ANM Wholesale 2 LLC Jackson Yes 2022-01-25
ANM Wholesale 2 LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-09-09
Anworth, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Apis Hyve LLC Lane Yes 2022-03-17
Applegate Valley Organics LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-23
Arbor Assets Incorporated Marion Yes 2021-05-04
Arbor Assets Incorporated Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Arrowhead Partners, LLC Marion Yes 2019-06-11
Artemis Link LLC Washington Yes 2017-04-10
ASAP BUDS, LLC Washington Yes 2022-03-17
Atlas V, LLC. Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Attikus Enterprises, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-05-04
Attis Extracts, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Avitas Oregon Holdings, Llc Marion Yes 2022-03-17
Avitas Oregon Holdings, LLC Marion Yes 2022-05-20
Bella Caramella LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-30
BENJAMINSBUDZ LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
BFF LLC Yamhill Yes 2021-02-16
Big Medicine Botanicals LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Bigsby Inc Josephine Yes 2018-07-27
BJS A Grade, LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
Black Market Distribution LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-20
Bloom Well, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
Bobsled Farms LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
Borderline Distribution LLC Malheur Yes 2020-10-02
botanicaPORTLAND Company Multnomah Yes 2017-04-25
Bradford Three LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-01-17
Bridge City Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Broadway Project, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-10-08
Broadway Project, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
Broadway Project, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
Brothers Garcia, INC Multnomah Yes 2017-08-25
BSWS LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-01-18
BTHCR PDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Burnt River Farms, LLC Baker Yes 2016-12-05
CAKE LLC Washington Yes 2020-10-23
Cannabend, LLC Deschutes Yes 2022-05-20
Cannabis Corner, LLC. Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
CAREY NIKLAS DARNELL LLC Marion Yes 2018-03-09
Cascade Cannabis Distributing, Inc. Lane Yes 2018-11-30
060 100301304FE Cascade Cannabis Distributing, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Cascade High Organics LLC Washington Yes 2017-09-25
CBDiscovery LLC Lane Yes 2022-01-25
CBN.OPP Inc Multnomah Yes 2018-07-06
CBN.OPP. INC. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
CBN Supply Company Clackamas Yes 2018-12-28
060 100421702D4 CBZ, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
CCW LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-07-07
060 10046405D93 CFA Productions LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
CFA Productions LLC and Chalice LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-31
Charites Gardens, LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-30
060 1001514EAB6 Christopher Barry Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Cloudy Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2018-04-20
CO2 Company Auction House LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
CO2 Company Auction House, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
Cola Cove Farms LLC Washington Yes 2021-05-04
Cola Cove Farms LLC, Mr Nice Guy LLC Washington Yes 2019-09-27
Cola Cove Farms LLC, Mr. Nice Guy LLC Washington Yes 2017-11-17
Columbia Wholesale, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
060 100345602EE Compassionate Circles LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Conscious Cultivators Inc. Lane Yes 2019-10-25
Consensus OR, LLC Clackamas Yes 2022-05-20
Cook Investments Northwest Oregon, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-30
Cook Investments Northwest Oregon, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Cosmic, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Cream Management LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
CR Manufacturing OR, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-06-25
CR Manufacturing OR, Inc. Washington Yes 2019-05-03
Crop Valley LLC Lane Yes 2022-05-20
C&R Oregon Corporation Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Crowded House, LLC Coos Yes 2020-01-31
060 10029420C28 Cura CS, LLC Multnomah 2016-10-28
060 1002251230A Cura CS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
CWD NORTHWEST, INC Jackson Yes 2017-05-12
Dark Star Productions, LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Decatur One LLC, Bradford Two LLC, Bradford Three LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Decatur One LLC; Bradford Two LLC; Bradford Three LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-15
Decibel Farms Inc. Jackson Yes 2022-01-25
Demeter Gardens, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
DH Wholesale LLC & Plantae Health Care LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
DH Wholesale LLC / Plantae Health Care LLC. Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
DH Wholesale LLC/ Plantae Health Care LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-05-18
Diamond Elite LLC Josephine Yes 2018-04-20
Diamond Tree, Inc Deschutes Yes 2020-10-30
DOTCOM CANNABIS Multnomah Yes 2021-01-15
Dreamfield Transfer Services Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Dr. Jolly's Industries LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-11-01
Drops, LLC Clackamas Yes 2022-05-20
Eek Inc Clackamas Yes 2021-02-26
Eek Inc Jackson Yes 2019-04-05
Eek Inc. Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Eek, Inc. Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Efficient Packaging Services LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Elevate Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-01-18
Emerald Valley Processors LLC Lane Yes 2022-03-17
Engineered Extracts LLC Washington Yes 2018-08-20
Evergreen Harvest LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-16
Evolution CC LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-02-19
evrgrn llc Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Evrgrn LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-28
Evrgrn LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-04-05
Family Exotics 2 LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
FD Project Inc. Washington Yes 2021-05-04
Firehorse Trading Co., LLC Lane Yes 2019-03-01
Fires Edge LLC Lane Yes 2022-01-25
Flowering Farms LLC Lane Yes 2021-11-01
Flow State Distro Inc Multnomah Yes 2018-12-28
Flow State Distro INC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Folium Originals, LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-07-13
Folium Originals, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
Four Elements LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Four Elements LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
Fox Hollow Flora LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-03
Fresh From The Garden INC Multnomah Yes 2017-12-22
Fresh Garden Holdings LLC Clatsop Yes 2021-01-04
Freshstyle LLC Multnomah 2022-05-20
Frontier Farms LLC Hood River Yes 2017-08-11
Full Bloom Distribution LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-15
Future Wholesales, LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-09-09
Future Wholesales, LLC Jackson 2021-07-13
Gadsden Gardens, Inc. Clackamas 2017-06-30
Galaxy Odyssey LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-19
Garden First LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
Garden First LLC Error Yes 2018-03-09
Garden First LLC Washington Yes 2020-12-04
Gesundheit Foods LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-01-18
Gesundheit Foods LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-07-05
G.O. Farms LLC Clatsop Yes 2019-04-05
Golden Jasmine LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-08
Green Acers Farm, LLC Lane Yes 2019-01-18
Green Beehive II, LLC Washington Yes 2021-11-01
Green Beehive, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-06
Green Box, LLC. Multnomah Yes 2019-06-25
Green Canopy Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-16
Green Canopy Wholesale, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Green Dragon Wholesale LLC / Green Dragon Extracts LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-07-13
Green Dragon Wholesale, LLC / Green Dragon Extracts LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
Green Dragon Wholesale, LLC / Green Dragon Extracts, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Greenery Property Management LLC Washington Yes 2019-06-25
Green Future Growers, LLC Lane Yes 2019-09-27
Green Leaf Protection 503 LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Greenpoint Oregon Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Greenpoint Oregon Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Greenpoint Oregon, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
GreenRidge Agronomy, LLC Washington Yes 2017-09-25
Green Star Growing, Inc. Josephine Yes 2019-08-26
Greenwave Business Consultants LLC Clatsop Yes 2020-10-02
Grohill Produce LLC Lane Yes 2022-03-17
Gron Chocolate, LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC/Grown Rogue Distribution, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-10-06
GTA LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-16
GXO, Incorporated Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
Halo Winberry Holdings, LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
Happy Hollow Farms Inc Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Happy Hollow Farms, Inc Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Happy Hollow Farms, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2020-11-13
HAPPY HOLLOW FARMS, INC. Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
Hardwoods, Inc Clackamas Yes 2019-09-27
Hardwoods, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-10-08
Harper's Highlands LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-08-20
HC Retail, Inc. Coos Yes 2017-03-24
HGHA Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
HGHA, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-25
Hidden Valley Ranch Inc. Coos Yes 2018-06-22
High Life Distribution Co LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Highly Distributed, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-12
Highly Distributed, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
High-Q OR LLC Marion Yes 2021-01-04
HIGH SPIRIT X-TRACTIONS LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
HIGH SPIRIT X-TRACTIONS LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-02
Hillsboro Industrial Enterprises LLC Washington Yes 2022-01-25
HoodView Cannabis Distributing LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-05
Hoodview Cannabis LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-11-01
HoodView Cannabis LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-19
Horticulture Distribution LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-16
Hotbox Farms LLC Baker Yes 2019-03-08
Hotbox Farms LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Hotbox Farms LLC Error Yes 2019-09-27
Hotbox Farms LLC Malheur Yes 2020-08-07
HSCP Oregon LLC Jackson Yes 2021-07-13
Hug, INC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-20
Hunter Distributing, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-30
Hydra Oregon, LLC Marion Yes 2020-10-02
HYDRA OREGON LLC Marion Yes 2018-01-19
Hydrus Hydroponics Inc Multnomah 2017-07-28
Impact Direct, LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-19
IND Group LLC Polk Yes 2019-04-05
IND Group LLC Lane Yes 2020-05-18
INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-09-09
IVXX LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-11-02
JCCD LLC Clatsop Yes 2021-02-16
JDK HOLDINGS, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Jefferson Packing House LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-04
JEFF EXTRACTZ LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-26
JHMR Inc Clackamas Yes 2021-07-13
JIA Holdings Ltd Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
JIA Holdings Ltd Clackamas Yes 2019-02-01
J.T.W. III LLC Clackamas Yes 2022-05-20
JV Extraction LLC/JV Wholesale LLC Lane Yes 2021-11-01
JV Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
JV Wholesale LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
KAHLM JV LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-05-25
060 10024967963 Kaizen Management & Distribution, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Kanaba Farms LLC Marion Yes 2021-01-04
Khan Logistics LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-08-20
Kirk Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
060 10008031F46 Kit Johnston Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Kola Brand LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-12-04
Krem LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-05
Kush Originals LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-11-30
La Mota 10 LLC Marion Yes 2018-04-20
La Mota 10 LLC Marion Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota 10 LLC & Rosa Cazares Marion Yes 2019-06-25
La Mota Gold Beach LLC Curry Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Gold Beach LLC Curry Yes 2020-10-02
La Mota, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-20
La Mota SW Portland LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
La Mota SW Portland LLC & Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
Laughing Lion Distribution LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
LCG Holding Company, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Left Coast Connections, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
LE Jones LLC Lane Yes 2022-03-17
LNR Operations, INC. Lane Yes 2022-05-20
Loud Lab LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Lovena Green Farms Marion Yes 2017-05-19
LTRMN Inc Multnomah Yes 2021-11-01
060 100297203BD LTRMN Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
LUANKA COLLECTIVE LLC Curry Yes 2022-03-17
Luff Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
Mana Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
M and B Vineyards LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-02
M and B Vineyards LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
MCCM Scientific LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-13
MCC PDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
MCC PDX LLC Jackson Yes 2020-01-17
McLanahan Investments LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
MCTSA Management Corp Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
MCTSA Management Corporation Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
Millerville Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Million Elephants LLC Jackson Yes 2021-07-13
Million Elephants, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
MNS Oregon, Inc. Jackson Yes 2021-07-13
Monic, LLC Josephine Yes 2022-05-20
Monkland Medicinals LLC Wasco Yes 2018-12-28
Mother Magnolia Medicinals, Inc. Lane Yes 2022-01-25
Moto Perpetuo Farm LLC Washington Yes 2018-03-09
Mottz, LLC Washington Yes 2021-07-13
MPSC Industries, LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
MT Essentials, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-12-04
M Thrive Organics LLC Wasco Yes 2017-05-12
Muru Wholesale LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-25
Nature's Emporium LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-25
NDN Holdings, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
NDN Holdings, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-19
Nectar Markets, LLC Baker Yes 2022-05-20
Nectar Markets, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-23
Nectar Markets, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
060 1004254E6F5 Nectar Markets, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
New Frontier LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-10-08
New Frontier, LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-12-19
Next Generation Nurseries, Inc. Benton Yes 2021-01-22
Nightshade Connected LLC Josephine Yes 2022-05-20
Northwest Express LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-12-08
060 100393061A5 NorthWest HomeGrown Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Northwest Production and Marketing LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-26
Nova Paths, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Novik Industries, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-20
060 1004615E2CC Nug Run Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
NW Kind LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-10-06
Nyno LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Ocean Grown Distribution LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
OCW LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-13
Odin Wholesale LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Odyssey Distribution, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
OG Gardens, LLC/OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
OG Processing, LLC & OG Gardens, LLC & OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2018-08-20
060 100453108DB Omnitek Transport Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Ag and Distribution, LLC Baker Yes 2022-01-25
Oregon Cannabis Collective, LLC Josephine Yes 2022-01-25
Oregon Cannabis Distributors Inc Jackson Yes 2018-12-28
Oregon Original LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Oregon Processing Solutions, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-11-30
Oregon Resources Marketing, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Oregon Resources Marketing LLC/Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
Oregon Resources Trading LLC/ Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
Oregon Resources Trading LLC/Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-01-18
060 10001855625 Oregon Resources Trading LLC, Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC, Oregon Processing and Packaging LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Resources Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-07
Oregon Roots Inc Washington Yes 2020-12-04
Oregon's Top Shelf, LLC Lane Yes 2022-03-17
OrGroTech LLC Columbia Yes 2020-05-18
Pacific Coast Partners, LLC Lane Yes 2018-08-20
Pacific Commercial Holdings LLC Benton Yes 2018-02-09
Pacific Highway Investments LLC Washington Yes 2019-06-11
Pacific Highway Investments LLC, Hank's Motor Sports LLC Washington Yes 2018-03-09
Packaging Brothers, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-22
Packaging Brothers, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Patrick Maher Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
PB Industries, LLC Clackamas Yes 2022-03-17
PB OPS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-22
PCM Holdings LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-11-01
PCM Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-12-04
PCS Resource Group LLC Marion Yes 2020-10-02
PDX Distribution LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-19
PDX Factor W.D. LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-04
PDXRx, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
P&E Green Solutions, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
060 10029823482 Phantom Distribution, LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-10-28
Phat Dawg Pharms LLC Josephine Yes 2020-11-20
Phat Dawg Pharms LLC Josephine Yes 2021-01-15
Pioneer Herbs LLC Jefferson Yes 2021-01-15
Placido Investments LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-25
Plantae Health Care LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-04-20
PNW Wholesalers LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
Point Break, LLC Coos Yes 2020-05-18
PotLand Oregon, LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Pot of Gold Distributing, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
PPS Industries LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-08
PremiumPlug Wholesalers, LLC. Washington Yes 2021-07-13
Pro Grow Performance LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
Pursuit of Happyness LLC Coos 2016-12-20
Push Supply Company LLC Josephine Yes 2022-01-25
Quality Product Solutions LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-08-09
060 10001929ED7 Queen Bee Distribution LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Queen B Labs LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-07
Ramio LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-01-12
RAPTOR DISTRIBUTION LLC Jackson Yes 2021-11-01
RB Wholesale LLC Douglas Yes 2020-10-02
Real Oregon Inc Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
Redeye Distro Inc. Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
ReLeaf Health Oregon Multnomah Yes 2017-06-16
REUP Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-09-09
River Grown LLC Jackson Yes 2022-05-20
RN Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Rogue's Lair Improvement, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-11-20
Rosalas LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Roxboro Rebel LLC Washington Yes 2019-06-11
Rudra LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-09
Sacred Herb Medicinals Inc Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Salem Asset Holdings Corporation Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
SDK1 LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-11-01
SDK Wholesale LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-10-19
Segreto LLC Malheur Yes 2022-01-25
060 10029559A03 Self Made Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Simplee Green, LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-23
Sitka Northwest LLC Marion Yes 2022-03-17
Sixtech, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-04-05
SJDM, INC Marion Yes 2018-03-30
SJDM, INC Jackson Yes 2018-03-19
SJDM, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
SJJD CONSULTING LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-11-30
Sovereign Methods Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-12-08
Spherop Coos Yes 2017-11-22
Spherop LLC Coos Yes 2018-05-04
SRH Holdings LLC Lincoln Yes 2021-02-16
S&S Distribution and Logistics, Inc. Washington Yes 2016-12-05
STB Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Sublime Solutions, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-20
Sugar Tree Wholesale Co. LLC Washington Yes 2017-12-08
Sunburst Investments II, Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
Sun Fire's Finest, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-12-18
Swell Companies Limited Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
TABOREGON LLC Clackamas 2017-04-14
Tap-Reloop, LLC & High Spirit Acres, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-12-04
TECA Holding Company, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-10-19
TG Industries LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-12-22
THC Cultivation LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
The CO2 Company LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
The Distro, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-11-16
The Eris Group LLC Lane Yes 2019-09-27
The Eris Group, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-20
The Factory LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
The Green Planet, Inc Washington Yes 2021-02-16
The Harvest Center & Associates LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
The Hook Up LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-03-17
The Natural Refinery LLC Multnomah 2022-05-20
THE REC CENTER LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-26
Third Time is a Charm LLC Jackson Yes 2021-11-01
Three Lakes Distribution, LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-19
060 100375652F3 Tim and Tobin's Farm Company Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Tine Trading Company LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-23
TKO Holding Inc. Jackson Yes 2020-10-02
Total Living Organic Farms, LLC. Deschutes Yes 2019-07-23
Tree of Life Distribution LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
Truly Oreganic Farm LLC Coos Yes 2021-01-22
060 100388704F8 TRULY PURE LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
TSL Distribution LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
TSL Distribution, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-16
TSL Distribution LLC dba The SWEET Life Distribution Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
TTF Consulting LLC Yamhill Yes 2020-12-04
Uplifted, LLC Marion Yes 2019-09-09
Urban Medicinal LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Verdant Leaf Farms LLC Washington Yes 2019-10-08
Vertical Extent, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-05-03
VIDAVERDE LICENSES, INC. Multnomah Yes 2020-11-20
VLF Polk Property LLC Polk Yes 2022-05-20
VORGPDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-16
Wahoo LLC Washington Yes 2021-09-09
WCR DISTRIBUTION LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
Weedbucks Wholesale, LLC Jackson 2022-05-20
Weedmart LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-22
White Elk LLC Multnomah Yes 2022-05-20
White Tygh Farms Inc Wasco Yes 2022-05-20
Wicked Rain Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-22
Wild Flower Wholesale Distribution, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-07-13
Wild West Emporium - Molalla - Oregon City, Inc Multnomah Yes 2022-01-25
Wild West G Inc. Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Willamette Valley Alchemy LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-19
Wilvaca LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
WILVACA, LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-11
WL Distribution, LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-02
WSW Investments LLC; Bo and Lia Holdings LLC Washington Yes 2020-11-20
WWMP LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Yak, Inc. Marion Yes 2021-01-04
Zuni Products, Inc. Josephine Yes 2022-05-20