License Type: Recreational Processor (299)

License Number Licensee Name County Active Import Date
11121 Division LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
20727-4 BEND, LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-05-03
2GC HOLDINGS LLC Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
2nd Arrow Oil, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
3TK, LLC Washington Yes 2019-02-22
45th Latitude, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
541 and Beyond LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-05-12
Abstract Extracts LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-18
Aeroponic Innovations Inc Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
030 1000152C94F Alpine Formulations Inc. Hood River Yes 2016-11-10
America1776LLC Polk Yes 2019-07-05
America1776 LLC Polk Yes 2019-05-03
ANM, Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-02-01
ANM INC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Anworth, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-04-10
Apis Hyve LLC Lane Yes 2017-10-06
Apollo Grown, Inc. Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Aqul Labs, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
Astronomical Extracts LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-01
Avitas Oregon Holdings, Llc Marion Yes 2017-09-25
Avitas Oregon Holdings, LLC Marion Yes 2017-01-09
Beatnick's Finest, LLC Benton Yes 2017-09-25
Beehive Extracts LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Bella Caramella LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
BG Oregon, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Blue Devil Bakery, LLC Tillamook Yes 2019-03-25
botanicaPORTLAND Company Multnomah Yes 2017-04-25
Brilliant Extracts LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-13
BST LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
BTNN LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Burnside Garden Collective, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
Burnt River Farms, LLC Baker Yes 2016-12-20
Canna Fusion, LLC & West Coast Baked Goodness, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Canna Honey, LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-12-28
Cannapro, LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-05
Cannapy LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-06-11
Capital Cannabis LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-18
CBDiscovery LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
030 100384161D7 CFA Productions LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Charles Herman Harris and Deva Harris-Williams Yamhill Yes 2017-04-25
CHC Hillsboro LLC Washington Yes 2018-09-28
CHC Laboratories LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-30
CHC Laboratories, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-12-08
Cherry City Compassion Inc. Marion Yes 2018-03-09
Chosen Ventures, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-04-10
Chris Swick/Adam Ashworth Curry Yes 2018-05-18
Christine Walsh / Jason Tinsley Multnomah Yes 2017-08-18
Christine Walsh / Jason Tinsley Clackamas Yes 2018-07-20
Chronic Extracts LLC Josephine Yes 2018-09-28
Clay Wolf LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Clean Remedies LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-07-23
CO2 Dynamics Corp Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
CO2 Dynamics Corporation Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
College View Development LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Compassionate Circles LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
Cook Investments Northwest Oregon, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-29
Critical Source LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-28
C&R Oregon Corporation Benton Yes 2017-03-24
C&R PRODUCTS LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
030 10029408D96 Cura CS, LLC Multnomah 2016-10-28
030 1002253EDE0 Cura CS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
030 10022524D49 Cura CS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Dab Factory LLC Washington Yes 2017-11-17
DB0, LLC Washington Yes 2018-05-18
Decatur One LLC, Bradford Two LLC, Bradford Three LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Decibel Farms Inc. Jackson Yes 2017-08-04
Diamond Elite LLC Josephine Yes 2018-04-20
DOCTRON LLC Washington Yes 2019-07-05
Dr Phill's Pharma LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-05
East Wind Extracts, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-12-22
Edibles LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-01-18
EDIBOLOGY LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
Eek Inc Clackamas Yes 2019-07-23
E Labs, LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-11-02
elbe's edibles, llc Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
Elbe's Edibles, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-04-20
Elevate Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-01-18
EliteXtrx, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
Emerald Treasure LLC Josephine Yes 2018-08-20
Emerald Wave Estate LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-03
Empower Essential Oils, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-30
Engineered Extracts LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-22
Eos Labs LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-08
Epicurean Edibles LLC/Revolution Green LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Epoch Investments LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
evrgrn llc Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Farmer's Friend Extracts, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-02-09
FirstEmerald, LLC Benton Yes 2018-06-01
Flapjax Extracts, LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-06-16
FNX LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
Folium Originals, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-22
FOUR SEASON FARM, LLC Hood River Yes 2018-09-28
030 10010301CAB Frave Incorporated Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Fresh From The Garden INC Multnomah Yes 2017-12-08
Fresh From The Garden LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Full Circle Concepts LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Full Circle Extraction Co., LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Gaia Bounty, Inc Marion Yes 2016-12-23
G and M Manufacturing LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-04-20
Gesundheit Foods LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-07-05
Gesundheit Foods LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
GNT Oregon, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Golden Jasmine LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-09-28
Gourmet Confections LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-05-12
Grassroots Extracts LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Gravity Provisions LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-01-19
Green Dragon Extracts, LLC / Green Dragon Wholesale, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Green Dragon Extracts, LLC/ Green Dragon Wholesale, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
GreenEnvy LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-07-06
Green Mile Enterprises LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-20
Greenpoint Oregon Multnomah Yes 2019-04-05
Greenpoint Oregon Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Greenpoint Oregon, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
Green Star Growing, Inc. Josephine Yes 2019-08-09
Green Star Growing, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
Green State of Mind, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Green Wave Organics, Inc. Lane Yes 2017-07-07
Groen, LLC Wasco Yes 2016-12-30
gron chocolate, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
GXO, Incorporated Deschutes Yes 2018-08-20
Hana Medicinals LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-05
Happy Hippy Creations LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-22
HAPPY HOLLOW FARMS, INC. Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
030 10034059080 Happy Lane LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-11-10
Harper's Highlands LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-08-20
HCR Processing LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-09-25
Hebert Marketing Group LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-06-16
Helio Estates Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-08-09
Helio Estates, Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-01-09
HGHA, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-01-09
High Desert Pure, LLC. Deschutes Yes 2017-12-08
High Desert Pure, LLC. and Nimble Developement Inc. Deschutes Yes 2018-01-19
High Desert Pure, LLC. and Nimble Development Inc. Deschutes Yes 2018-09-28
High Desert Pure, LLC. & Nimble Development Inc. Deschutes Yes 2016-12-30
High Latitude Extracts, LLC Hood River Yes 2019-02-22
HiTrust Connection Co Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Honey Pot Oil Co. Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Hydra Oregon LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-11-22
IND Group LLC Lane Yes 2019-01-18
Intergalactic Foods, LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-30
JAWC LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-22
JB Processing LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-04-20
JSOR LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
030 100331855FF JV Extraction LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
JV Foods LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Kris Bledsoe Yamhill Yes 2018-09-28
Kris Bledsoe dba Willamette Botanicals Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Kush Originals LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-11-30
Landons Dream LLC Coos Yes 2018-08-20
Leafer Logistics LLC Polk Yes 2019-03-15
Left Coast Connections, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
Little House Foods Limited, Tilikum Ventures LLC, PP Oregon LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-08-25
LMJ Partners, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-23
Lotus Group Industries LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
030 1001935FB2C Loud Lab LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Loud Lollies LLC. Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Loud Lollies, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-08-11
Luff Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
M2B Global, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Magic Number LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-08-04
Mana Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
MCCM Scientific LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-14
MCTSA Management Corporation Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
META NATURALS Jackson Yes 2018-07-13
META NATURALS LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
MF Botanicals LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
MNG Holdings, LLC Marion Yes 2018-11-09
Modern Medicinals, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Molecular Masses LLC Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Monkland Medicinals LLC Wasco Yes 2018-12-28
MP Beverages LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-22
MPSC Industries, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
M Thrive Organics LLC Wasco Yes 2017-05-12
M Thrive Organics LLC Error Yes 2019-05-03
MTP LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-10
Mulino Agricultural II LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-05-04
Mulino Group LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-28
Muru LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-25
Naked Extracts, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-07-28
Northwest Confections, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-20
Northwest Processing and Packaging, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
Nova Paths, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Nugget Candy Co, LLC Baker Yes 2018-03-09
030 10008132E83 Nug Run Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
NUTRITIONAL HIGH (Oregon) LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-09-28
NW Kind LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-01-09
Odin Distillations LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-12
OG Processing, LLC & OG Gardens, LLC & OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2018-08-20
OG Processing, LLC/OG Gardens, LLC/OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2018-04-20
OGX, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Old Willamette Ice Creamery, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-01
OM Extracts, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-12-08
Oregon Bud Company LLC Marion Yes 2018-11-02
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Candy Farm, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon CO2 LLC Coos Yes 2017-06-30
Oregon Edibles LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-27
Oregon Essentials, LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
OREGON GROWN EXTRACTIONS, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
Oregon Natural Roots LLC Washington Yes 2018-01-19
Oregon Oil Technologies, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Original LLC Jackson Yes 2018-04-20
Oregon Pharm Fresh, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-07-06
Oregon Processing Solutions, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
Pacific Coast Partners, LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Pacific Commercial Holdings LLC Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Pacific Enterprise Holdings LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-01-09
Pangaea Organics, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-02-02
Patch and Process LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
Patch and Process LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-05-03
Peace, Love and Elixirs LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-29
Peak Extracts Multnomah Yes 2017-12-08
Peak Extracts LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
Peak Products Corp Multnomah Yes 2018-02-09
P&E Green Solutions, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Periodic Edibles LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Permaculture Solutions LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-12
Phat Dawg Pharms LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-29
Philip Hutson - Kelly Hutson Lincoln Yes 2016-12-30
Phoenix Group LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
Pinnacle Processing, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-11
Porta Extracts LLC Jackson Yes 2018-10-19
Porta Extracts LLC Josephine Yes 2018-11-30
Porta Extracts, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-05-03
Portland Oven, LLC Washington Yes 2017-10-03
Portland Rosin Company, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-14
Pot of Gold Distributing, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
PPS Industries LLC Josephine Yes 2017-12-22
030 10035557A1D Precision Alchemy LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
PROCANNA LLC Jackson Yes 2017-01-09
Process Development Labs Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Process Development Labs LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Proco LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Queen B Labs LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-07
Rebel Roots Farms Inc Jackson Yes 2018-03-09
Resin Ranchers, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
Revolution Green LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-02-01
Rhea Gardens, LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-02
Rhino Extractions Inc. Lane Yes 2019-02-01
RHINO EXTRACTIONS, INC. Lane Yes 2018-04-04
Rich Extracts LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-19
River Valley Remedies LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Rogue Gold Inc. Jackson Yes 2017-11-22
Rogue Raw, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-12-28
Rudra LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-09
Sacred Herb Medicinals Deschutes Yes 2016-12-23
Sacred Herb Medicinals Inc Deschutes Yes 2018-04-20
S B Products LLC Error Yes 2018-03-19
S B Products LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
She Don't Know Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
She Don't Know LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
SHIVA BLUE LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
Simplee Green, LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-23
Siskiyou Sungrown Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
Siskiyou Sungrown, Inc. Josephine Yes 2017-04-28
Sixtech Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
Sol Cultivations Inc./ SOL SAP LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Sol Cultivations Inc./ SOL SAP LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
Spherop Coos Yes 2017-11-22
Spherop LLC Coos Yes 2018-05-04
SRS FARMS, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-02-22
Sterling Gold, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
Sublime Solutions, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-20
Summit Cannabis LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
030 10037523839 Sun Breeze Inc Jackson Yes 2016-11-10
Sunstone Marketing Partners, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
Sweet Tooth Canndy, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-02-22
Swell Companies Limited Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Symbiotic Seeds LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-06-01
TEAM INC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-30
Terp Secret LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-02-02
The CO2 Company LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-30
The Factory LLC Jackson 2018-10-19
The Grasse Company, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
The Hidden Leaf LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
The Sievery, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-01-12
030 1000621D09A Tim and Tobin's Farm Company Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Titan's Kind Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Titan's Kind LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
Top Shelf, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-08-25
Toro Ma, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Total Living Organic Farms, LLC. Deschutes Yes 2018-03-30
Tozmoz LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
030 1003243FF26 TRULY PURE LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
Urban Collective PDX LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Vitonic, Inc. Marion Yes 2018-10-05
Westside Enterprises, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
WICC Investments, LLC Wasco Yes 2018-10-19
Wild Rogue Extracts, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Wild Urban Edibles LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-23
Wild Urban Edibles LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
Wild West G Inc. Lane Yes 2017-01-09
Willamette Haze LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-01-18
030 1000096CBB6 Willamette Valley Alchemy Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Willamette Valley Alchemy LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-09
Wy'east Oregon Gardens, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Yabuwi, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-04-04