License Type: Recreational Producer (1993)

License Number Licensee Name County Active Import Date
13 Bridges LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-12
15 Rivers LLC / SG Management, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-03-01
17 Farms LLC Washington Yes 2018-02-02
180 Producer LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-16
020 1000385A212 190 Producer LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 10024772316 1991 Lane Yes 2016-10-28
1991 LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
020 10003674D8D 200 Producer LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
2829 Applegate Products LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
2GC HOLDINGS LLC Jackson Yes 2018-03-09
2HD AG LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-08-04
2H Manufacturing Incorporated Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
020 1000333CCD6 326 Producer LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
3CI, LLC Coos Yes 2018-04-20
3 D BLUEBERRY FARMS, INC. Washington Yes 2017-06-30
3 J's Investment Properties LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
020 100172918EE 3Littlebirds, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
420BUNKERVILLE LLC Baker Yes 2019-12-19
020 1002725F732 420Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
420MM Inc. Polk Yes 2017-09-25
45th Latitude, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
020 100164183CE 45th Parallel Farms LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001569AE6E 4964 BFH, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001627583E 4964 BFH, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
500 Enterprises, Inc. Jackson Yes 2018-02-09
020 10020787AD2 54 Green Acres Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
5 Points Enterprises, LLC Lane Yes 2019-02-22
020 100027455FF 600 Producer LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
63353 Bend, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-03-30
7 Points Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
845 Sugar LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
020 1000359CE1C 9400 Producer LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
99 North Corporation Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
AAA Productions, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
ABC Garden Company LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-07-06
020 10021306BEB ABUNDANT REMEDIES Polk Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001416C849 Achterman Acres LLC Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
Acme Cannabis Company Tillamook Yes 2020-05-18
Acme Cannabis Company Inc. Tillamook Yes 2019-07-23
Acme Cannabis Company LLC Tillamook Yes 2018-07-20
A.C.N., LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-14
Acreage LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-07
ADG Farms, LLC Yamhill Yes 2021-02-16
ADS R&D LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
AED LLC Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
Aerogreen PDX LLC Washington Yes 2020-05-18
Aeroponic Innovations Inc Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
AGFO LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
Agile Retailers Inc. Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
Ag Repair LLC Coos Yes 2017-09-25
Agricola Cottage Grove, Inc. Lane Yes 2020-12-04
Agricola Independence Inc. Polk Yes 2021-02-26
Agricultural Specialties of Oregon Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Agronomi LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-20
Agrowserve LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
AG-X, LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-05
Aims Ag, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-05-03
020 100056600F3 AJC Greenworks LLC Clatsop Yes 2016-10-28
AJS Industries, LLC Coos Yes 2021-01-04
AJ's Nirvana Farm, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-11-17
Albert Bisaillon Washington Yes 2019-03-15
Alchemist Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2020-01-17
Alfalfa Valley Farms LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
Alfalfa Valley Farms LLC / Plantae Extracts LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-11-02
Alfalfa Valley Farms LLC / Plantae Extracts LLC/Fernando Lagos III Deschutes Yes 2017-03-31
Alibamah Botanicals, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
020 10025992ABB Allen Industries, Inc Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Almadula LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Alsea River Gardens LLC Lincoln Yes 2019-11-08
Alta Crest LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Alternative Organics LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-06
Alternative Remedies LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
ALTRU FARMS INC Yamhill 2018-04-04
Altru, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Amberlight Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-09-09
Amberlight Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-14
020 100260706A6 Ambrosia Farms Quartz Creek, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
America1776 LLC Polk Yes 2019-03-08
America1776 LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-03-08
020 10024249B3C America1776LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
America1776LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-25
AMF II, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
AMS Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Anderson Technology and Supply LLC Washington Yes 2017-07-28
Angel Hill Farms LLC Clackamas 2021-05-04
Anita's Garden LLC Columbia Yes 2021-01-15
020 1001207480A Ankura, Inc Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
ANM, Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-02-01
ANM INC Jackson Yes 2017-10-06
020 100179411C2 Annabel Todd Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Another Level Growers LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-10-03
Antioch LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
AP Farms, LLC Yamhill Yes 2020-05-18
Apis Hyve LLC Lane Yes 2018-07-13
020 1001124042C Apollo Grown Inc. Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Applegate Acres LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Applegate Botanicals LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
020 1000191DF61 Applegate Gold, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Applegate River Farm,LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-10
020 1002678C19E Applegate River, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-11-10
Applegate River Roots LLC Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
020 10026900CCA Applegate River Roots, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001758A0F3 Applegate Valley Organics Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10017577A3E Applegate Valley Organics Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10017603833 Applegate Valley Organics Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001759E7E2 Applegate Valley Organics Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Applegate Valley Organics LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-18
Applied Science Farming, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Arbor Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Arbutus Roots Inc Benton Yes 2017-11-22
ARC Gardens, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
ARC Gardens, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
020 100151214C6 Archer Farms LLC Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Ard Ri LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
Ariceli Enterprises, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
020 1001669AC27 Arm J LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001147B893 Arnow Browne LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Arrowhead Partners, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-06-11
Ashland Organics, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
020 10020614D35 Ashland Productions LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Astoria Farms LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-04-10
ATC ENTERPRISE, LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
ATCO LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Atco, LLC & Attis Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-18
Atlas Bioscience, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-12-04
020 100105904E2 Atlas Collective, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Atmos Farm Incorporated Lane Yes 2017-07-28
Atrium Group LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Attis Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Au Courant Gardens, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
AURORA 99 FARMS LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Austin Hinkle Josephine Yes 2018-02-02
AVG Investments LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
Avitas Oregon Holdings, Llc Marion Yes 2017-09-25
Avitas Oregon Holdings, LLC Marion Yes 2016-12-30
Ayate LLC Josephine Yes 2018-07-06
AZK LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-10-19
AZKLLC. Yamhill Yes 2017-09-25
BA Botanicals LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-10-19
Babylon Gardens, Inc. Lane Yes 2017-05-12
Backwood Organics, LLC Columbia Yes 2019-09-27
Bad Bunny Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Bad Moon Rising LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-12-08
Bad Rabbit Farms LLC Baker Yes 2020-01-17
B.A.F. Farms, Inc Josephine Yes 2017-07-07
Ba Ho Pharmaceuticals Inc Polk Yes 2017-09-25
Ball ventures LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-02-02
Ball ventures LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
Baquet Enterprises LLC Jackson Yes 2018-12-28
Basalt Creek Farms LLC Washington Yes 2017-04-25
BBA Grovers Inc Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
BBA Grovers Inc Josephine Yes 2021-01-15
BBHC LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-30
BBHMB, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-07-28
BBJM, LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-12
BBM LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-08
BBZZ LLC Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
BC Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-02
BC FARMS, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-08-07
BC Industries LLC Marion Yes 2017-05-19
BC Manufacturing LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-01-19
020 1000124228F B-cubed, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
B-Cubed, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-11-09
BDF Enterprises, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
BDS Enterprise Inc Yamhill Yes 2020-11-13
Be-1 Enterprises North West Inc. Multnomah Yes 2018-07-20
Beach Bums Cannabis Company LLC Lincoln 2021-05-04
BeanPharm LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
020 1000891310A Bear Mountain Greenery Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Bear Mountain Ventures, Inc Lane 2021-05-04
Beatnick's Finest LLC Benton Yes 2019-08-26
Beatnick's Finest, LLC Benton Yes 2017-11-17
Be Happy Farm LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
BE-LEAF FARMS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-01-17
Bella Mundo, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Bella Vigna Farms & Retailers Inc. Yamhill Yes 2018-05-18
Bellevue, LLC Marion Yes 2018-09-28
Belmont & Roe LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Benzley Investments LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Beryl Industries LLC Lane Yes 2020-11-20
Best Buds Distributors, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2020-01-17
BestBudz Farms, Inc. Marion Yes 2018-10-05
BFF LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-08-20
B-Force, LLC Washington Yes 2018-04-20
BG3 Productions, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
020 1002393B46A BG Family Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
BH Farm, LLC Clatsop Yes 2020-10-02
BIDO & COMPANY LLC Washington Yes 2017-08-11
Big Beard Farms, LLC Hood River Yes 2017-11-17
Big Beard, LLC Hood River Yes 2019-12-19
Bigfoot's Buds LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
Big Kharma LLC Washington Yes 2019-05-03
Big League Farms Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Big League Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Big O Group, LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Bigsby Inc Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
Bigsby Inc. Josephine Yes 2018-02-02
Bimini Farms, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Bird Belly Farms LLC Tillamook Yes 2019-02-22
Bishop Orchard LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
Bishop Orchards LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-07
BJS A Grade Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
020 10017550229 BJS A Grade, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 100269691F2 Black Bottle Lofland, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 10003270D7B Black Crow Grow Company Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Black Crow Grow Company LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-07-13
Black Fire Farms, LLC Benton Yes 2017-09-25
Black Market Distribution LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-23
Black Moon Gold LLC Coos Yes 2017-11-17
Blank Street Urban Farms, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-07-20
B-Lo Farm LLC Columbia Yes 2017-12-08
Blohm Welles Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
020 10008567FFF Blondies Greens Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Blue and Yellow LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-23
020 1002122149A BlueSky Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Blue Star Farming CO LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
BM Productions LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-12-18
BNR2 INC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Bobsled Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2020-07-22
Bobsled Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-09-25
020 10003386D5B Bogart Gardens LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Bonafide Cannabis LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-20
Boom Boom Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
BOOMTOWN FARMS, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Boring Glory LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
Bornstedt, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
020 1000140D286 Bosmere Farms, Inc. Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Botanical Extracts Inc. Tillamook Yes 2021-01-04
020 100385838D6 Botanical Innovations Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Botanical Innovations Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Boundless Technology LLC Josephine Yes 2018-01-12
Bountiful Earth LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-15
020 1000054BC47 Brave Hearts Private Reserve, LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
BRCC Enterprises, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Bridgeport Brands Inc. Washington Yes 2018-10-19
Bridgeport Brands Inc. dba Rock Creek Pharms Washington Yes 2020-05-18
Brophy Cultivation Incorporated Jackson 2018-08-20
Brothers Garcia, INC Clackamas Yes 2020-07-22
Brown Bag Partners, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-10-03
Bruce and Kathleen McGuffin Coos Yes 2019-12-19
Bruce & Kathleen McGuffin Coos Yes 2018-01-12
Bryan Family Gardens LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
BST LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
020 1002294A20B BTJ Farms LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001370F985 BTJ Farms LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Bubba Botanicals LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
Buck Canyon Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-05-18
Buckweed Farms LLC Washington Yes 2017-11-17
BUCO Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-20
BUCO Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-07-20
BUD BROS FARMS LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Bud Builders LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Buddafly Farms LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
Buddafly Organics LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-05
Budding Acres LLC Columbia Yes 2018-08-20
Budding Prospectors LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-16
Budies LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-16
Bula Farms, LLC Hood River Yes 2017-01-09
Bull Moon Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-03-30
Bull Moon Oregon LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Burgeon Farms LLC Wasco Yes 2021-02-16
Burning Hills Garden LLC Washington Yes 2017-12-22
Burnside Garden Collective, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-25
020 10017768FC7 Burnt River Farms, LLC Baker Yes 2016-10-28
020 10017261562 BUTTE CREEK RANCH FARM 1100, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Butte Creek Ranch Farm 1300 LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
BUTTE CREEK RANCH FARM 1300 LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-05
020 1001685AB0F BUTTE CREEK RANCH FARM 1300, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Butte Creek Ranch Farm 1801, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
Butte Creek Ranch Farms 1100 LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Butte Creek Ranch Farms 1300 LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Butte Creek Ranch Farms 1701 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
B & W Brother, LLC. Jackson Yes 2018-05-25
Byzantium Corp. Deschutes Yes 2017-11-17
C9F LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-23
Cafe Verde LCC Josephine Yes 2017-04-14
Cafe Verde LLC Josephine Yes 2018-02-09
Calyx Farms LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-09
Camp Vardo LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
Canby Growing Farms, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
CANNABILT FARMS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-13
Cannabis Agricultural Nexus Clackamas Yes 2019-02-01
Cannabis Agricultural Nexus LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-30
020 100281870F9 Cannabis Couture LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Cannabis Farmers Market LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-04-05
Cannabiz Experience LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
020 100017996A3 Cannabiz Experience, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Cannaflo Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-25
020 100157052DB CannaFlo Farms LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Cannalife Solutions LLC Lane Yes 2019-11-08
Cannapro, LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-05
CANNA ROYALE Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
CANNA ROYALE LLC Jackson Yes 2019-08-26
Cannaseng LLC Linn Yes 2018-07-20
Cannaseng LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Canopy Scientific LLC Washington Yes 2017-12-08
Cantrell Real Estate LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
Capital Cannabis LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
Capitola Management LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
020 1000116D319 CAREY NIKLAS DARNELL LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
CAREY NIKLAS DARNELL LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-23
Carnegie Enterprises, LLC. Marion Yes 2017-10-03
CARRIE BROWN Josephine Yes 2018-04-06
Carus Cannabis Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-16
Carus Road Propagation LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-23
Casa Sol LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Casa Verde Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2021-05-04
020 100233650E6 Casa Verde Gardens Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Cascade Agricultural Sciences LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
020 1001579CD6E Cascade High Organics LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Cascade Pure LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-04
Cascadia Elevated Agriculture Corporation Clackamas Yes 2017-04-28
Cave Junction Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Caveman Ventures, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-05-25
CBDiscovery LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
020 1001596D7A0 CBN.OPP.INC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
CDM, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-10-08
020 1000196DB7E CEN, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Central 1 LLC Lane Yes 2021-02-16
020 1001620A2D4 Ceremony House Plants & Flowers Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Certified Portland LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-27
Certified Portland LLC, Patrick Deegan and Vaughn Hanchett Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
CFA Productions LLC and Chalice LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-31
CG Services LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
020 1001373CA42 Chapman Creek Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Charles Brooks, Kari Brooks Josephine Yes 2017-05-19
Charlies Corporation Clackamas Yes 2018-02-09
CHERRYMAN LLC. Washington Yes 2020-11-20
Chez Day West, LLC & Noah Edwards Jackson Yes 2017-11-22
Choice Farms, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2018-02-09
CH Organics, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
020 1000660225B Chosen Ventures, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Christopher Swick / Thayne Groff Curry Yes 2017-08-04
020 10017225925 Chronic Cultures, Inc Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Chronic Fields LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Chronic herbivores llc Jackson Yes 2019-10-25
Chronic Herbivores, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
Circle D Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2017-12-22
Circle D Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2019-11-15
Cirrus Green LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-01-09
Citrine Gardens, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-04-20
Clackamas Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-16
Clean Agronomics, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
Clear Creek Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-19
Climate Farms, Inc Josephine Yes 2019-04-05
Climax Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
CLOUD 9INE LLC Lane Yes 2018-08-20
020 10008614BBE Cloudy Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Clover Cloud LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
020 1001638A2AE Club Sockeye LLC Curry Yes 2016-10-28
CNH Labs Lane Yes 2020-07-22
CNH Labs LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-02
CNH Labs, LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
CNS EQUITY PARTNERS OR 200, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-11-22
Coastal Craft Enterprises, LLC Tillamook Yes 2018-03-09
COASTAL GROWERS LLC Coos Yes 2016-12-20
Coastal Hawaiian Farms LLC Washington Yes 2017-05-05
Coastal Investments XX LLC Lane Yes 2018-12-28
Cola Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
Cold Frame LLC Washington Yes 2018-03-09
Collaboration Cahoots Inc. Multnomah 2021-05-04
College View Development LLC Lane 2017-11-17
Columbia River Cannabis LLC Columbia Yes 2017-09-25
Colver Management LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
020 1002399DAFE Commodious Farms LLC Columbia Yes 2016-10-28
020 10007095D66 Compassionate Circles LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Concrete Jungle Extracts, LLC Lane Yes 2020-11-13
020 1000535FBA4 Connoisseur Collective LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Cook Investments Northwest Oregon, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Cook Investments Northwest Oregon, LLC Washington Yes 2020-10-30
020 1001578ADC1 Copescrop LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Copp Family LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-02
020 10023532466 Cornerstone Agriculture LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Cottage Grove Holdings, LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
Country & CO Farms LLC Polk Yes 2020-11-13
020 100013554D9 Country Grow, Inc. Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Country Grow LLC Benton Yes 2017-12-18
Country Grow, LLC Benton Yes 2018-01-12
Cove Orchard Farm LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-04-20
020 1001201AE54 Cowboy Cantrel Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000810A001 Cowgirl Cannabis LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
Coyote Moon Ventures Jackson Yes 2020-08-07
Coyote Moon Ventures, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
CP's Farming, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Crabby Farm llc Lane Yes 2019-12-19
Crabby Farm LLC Lane 2019-12-04
020 1002637B549 Craft 1611 LLC Wasco Yes 2016-10-28
Craft Solutions LLC Linn Yes 2021-05-04
020 10010953497 Creedence Creek Farm Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Creedence Creek Farm LLC Washington Yes 2017-05-05
Creswell Oreganics, LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-28
Critical Green Farms, Inc. Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Critical Green Farms, Inc. Error Yes 2017-08-18
Crooks Creek Cannabis, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Crowfoot Organic Farm, Incorporated Jackson Yes 2017-08-18
020 1001191CCA5 Crutcher's Farm Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Crutcher's Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2017-08-18
Crystal Acres LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
CSC Investments LLC Deschutes Yes 2020-11-20
020 1002411378C C&S Enterprises, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
CUELLAR FARMS LLC Washington Yes 2019-12-04
Culla Enterprise LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
020 1000282043E Cully Industries, Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Cultiv8 LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Culture Farms Inc Washington Yes 2021-01-22
Cura CS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
020 1002321E385 Dairyland Dankery, LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-10-28
DaLoto LLC Washington Yes 2017-10-06
020 10015572973 Danielle Jeanne Chalmet Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Dank Bros LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-30
Danks LLC Polk Yes 2017-06-30
DaveFu LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
020 1000026628C David Elbel Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
David Fowler Washington Yes 2017-03-24
David Gor Polk Yes 2020-07-22
David Scalone and Michael Butler Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Davis Direct, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
Davis Farms of Lane County, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
Dawn Sayles & Roger Sayles Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
DAWN SAYLES & ROGER SAYLES Clackamas Yes 2017-11-22
Daydream Farm LLC Polk Yes 2017-03-24
020 10006383F65 DBA Loved Buds Charles John Brooks Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
DBR Ventures,LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
D&C Holdings LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-29
Decatur One LLC, Bradford Two LLC, Bradford Three LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
020 1000485351E Decatur One LLC, Decatur Two LLC, Decatur Three LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
020 10026142BC2 Decibel Farms Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 100158612C3 Deep Creek Gardens LLC. Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Deep Rooted Farms LLC Wasco Yes 2017-12-18
Deep State LLC Josephine Yes 2018-05-04
Delta Mantra LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-30
DEM Producer LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-22
DEM Producer, LLC Lane Yes 2018-10-19
Desert River Flower Co Grant Yes 2020-05-18
Deshe' Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
De Terra, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-18
020 100038380CC Devils Lettuce, Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
DGC PNW LLC Polk Yes 2021-05-04
DG Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-22
020 10005699B79 Dharma Organic Gardens Corporation Clackamas Yes 2016-11-10
Diamond Cultivation LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
Diamond Original LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
Diamond Tree, Inc Deschutes Yes 2020-10-30
Dicot Derby Farm, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-02
Dicot Derby Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Dicot Derby Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-01-12
020 10002115500 Dicot Partners Corporation Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Dirk Johnson Jackson Yes 2017-06-30
Dizzy Earth, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-12-05
DJJ Logistics LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-03-31
DL Management Group, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-01-12
DL Management Group, Inc.; DL Asset Management, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-26
DMG Industries LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-01-17
DMN Industries LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-04-20
020 1000491B80D DNA SUPPLY, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
DNP LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-01
Dope Nuggets LLC Jackson Yes 2019-01-18
Dos Santos Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-12-12
Double Bar KZ LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Douglas Brothers LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-07-23
Dragon Orchard LLC Columbia Yes 2016-12-05
Dragon Smoke, LLC Washington Yes 2017-04-10
Dream Girl Ventures, LLC and Carolina Flats Properties, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Dream Weaver Organics, LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-06-11
Dr. Jolly's Industries LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
DS Growth Systems, LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
D&S Solutions, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-10-03
DTF Resource LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-09-28
Duane Miller & John Springer Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Duane Miller & John Springer/dba Lizard Hill Farm Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
Dub City Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-23
Duchess, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-05-19
Dumas Development LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Dutch House Holdings, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Dutch House, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-22
Dutch House, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-09-27
Dutch Leaf Co. Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Dutch Valley Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-04
Eagle Creek Growers LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-14
Eagle Green Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-31
Eagle Valley Farm LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-04
020 1001422AE4B Eastern Oregon Business Development, LLC Harney Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001458C024 East Fork Agriculture, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
East Northeast Pastures Corporation Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
East Wind Extracts, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-07-07
East Winds CS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
EASTWOOD GARDENS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Eastwood LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-07-23
Eat More Rice LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
E. BLOSSOM LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
Eckstine Gardens, LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-16
Eco Firma Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-22
Eco Firma Fields LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-30
EDF Incorporated Lane Yes 2020-12-04
EDF Industries LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-05
020 10024622AD0 E Farms LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
Effective Holdings LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
EGV, LLC Lane Yes 2018-01-12
EK Industries LLC Lane Yes 2020-05-18
EliteXtrx, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-12
Elizabeth Flom Washington Yes 2018-03-30
Elizabeth Flom & Craig Flom Washington Yes 2018-03-09
Elk View Enterprises, LLC Coos Yes 2017-08-04
Elliott Heights, LLC Washington Yes 2017-08-18
020 100182882A7 Elpaso 10 LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001900EDBA Elpaso 10 LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001896DC5A Elpaso 10 LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
El Paso 10 LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Elpis Strategies, Inc. Lane Yes 2017-11-22
020 100046582FC Elvenwood Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Elvis Oil Company LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-18
Elysian Craft Cultivation LLC Hood River Yes 2020-10-09
Elysian Craft Cultivation LLC Polk Yes 2018-12-28
Elysian Craft Cultivation LLC, Christopher Landis, Kelli Landis Polk Yes 2018-03-09
Emerald Cannabis Worx, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-27
EMERALD CITY FARMS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-06-25
Emerald City Ventures, LLC Hood River Yes 2021-05-04
Emerald Coast Growers LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-31
Emerald Evolution LLC Polk Yes 2017-03-24
Emerald Evolution LLC/ SC&JR LLC Polk Yes 2019-08-09
020 1001938E2CC Emerald Fields, Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Emerald Fields, Inc., Dick Herzog, Rachel Herzog Jackson Yes 2018-10-05
Emerald Flower Supply LLC Columbia Yes 2017-07-07
Emerald Green Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-22
020 10019342283 Emerald Oreganix Jackson Yes 2016-11-10
Emerald Triangle Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Emerald Valley Growers, LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-19
020 1001820611C Emerald Wave Estate LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Empire State Boys, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-16
Endless Green Summer Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2019-05-13
Endopendence Farms Inc Polk Yes 2018-06-01
Enterprise Farm LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-01-19
Entheo Gardens Inc Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Entrus Resource Group, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-06-16
EON Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Epicanna LLC Jackson Yes 2019-12-19
Epicanna LLC Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
Epic Flower LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
Epitome Acquisition LLC Error Yes 2021-02-16
Epitome, Inc. Josephine Yes 2020-12-04
Epitome, Inc. Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Epoch Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-28
Essence Farm INC. Jackson Yes 2017-08-04
020 100018496E7 Essential Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Essos Management LLC Lane Yes 2021-02-26
ESY VENTURES LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-26
020 1001306E59E Eugenius Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Eugenius LLC Lane Yes 2018-07-27
Eugreen Farms LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Eugreen Horticulture Lane Yes 2017-10-06
Eugreen No-Till LLC Lane Yes 2018-10-05
020 1001242726F Eugreen Organics LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Eugreen Organics, LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Eugreen Pharms LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-29
Euphoria 4 You, LLC Columbia Yes 2021-05-04
Evan's Creek LLC Hood River Yes 2016-12-20
Eve Gardens, LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
Eve Gardens, LLC Error Yes 2018-01-12
Everbloom LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-16
Everest Holdings LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-16
EVERGRANDE, LLC Polk Yes 2019-10-25
020 1000139BC13 Evergreen Harvest LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Evergreen Natural Harvest LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-30
Evergreen Natural Harvest LLC Marion Yes 2019-07-23
Evergreen Plantworks LLC Washington Yes 2018-04-20
EVERGREEN SOUL FARMS LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-12-04
Evolution Farm, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-31
Exit 66, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-05-05
020 1001088628E F2CM, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10010903E2F F2CM, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Falstaff Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-05-25
Family Exotics 2 LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Family Innovation Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-30
020 100220682D3 Family Organic Gardens LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002024DAE7 Family Organic Gardens LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
FA Ranch, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
Fareway Farms Corp. Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Farmcanna Inc Clackamas Yes 2019-06-11
Farm Grove LLC Coos Yes 2017-11-17
020 10012818020 Farm Grove, LLC Coos Yes 2016-10-28
Farms of the Future Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-10-19
020 1000588ACB7 Far Out Farms LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-10-28
Fenario Productions Inc Lane Yes 2018-08-20
Fern Hollow LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-01-09
Fertile Valley LLC Columbia Yes 2019-06-11
F & G Productions LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
F&H Enterprise, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-20
FHL Group LLC Washington Yes 2018-07-06
FHOTD LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-26
Fidus Family Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-25
Finn Creek Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
Fir Canyon Tree Farm, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-12-18
Fire Creek Exotics LLC Benton Yes 2021-02-16
020 10001223B25 Fire Creek Farms LLC. Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Firehorse Trading Co., LLC Linn Yes 2020-07-22
Firehorse Trading Co., LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Firehorse Trading Co., LLC/JACK A. LEASE/DANA F. WESTPHAL Lane Yes 2017-06-16
FirstEmerald, LLC Benton Yes 2016-12-23
FJHC Inc Multnomah Yes 2017-03-31
F & J's Farm, LLC Coos Yes 2017-08-11
Flint Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
FLOR DA CURA LLC Washington 2021-05-04
Flowering Farms LLC Lane Yes 2019-01-18
Flowersmith LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
FLW VENTURES LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Focus North LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
Foley Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Folium Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Foots Creek Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
020 100232960A7 Forever Dank Newberg LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Forevergreen Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2018-02-02
Forked Horn Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Fort Briggs Botanicals LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Fortune Farms, Inc Marion Yes 2020-08-07
Forward Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2018-07-20
Forward Horticulture LLC Josephine Yes 2020-07-22
Foundation Holistic LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-02-09
Fourganic Farms Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Fourganic Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
FOURGANIC FARMS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
FOUR SEASON FARM, LLC Hood River Yes 2018-05-18
Fox Hollow Flora LLC Lane Yes 2018-07-27
Fox Hollow Flora, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Fractal Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Francisco Maisch, Filix Portocarrero-Maisch Lane Yes 2018-05-25
Francisco Maisch,Filix Portocarrero-Maisch Lane Yes 2018-04-04
Francisco Maisch,Filix Portocarrero-Maisch & Lorien Reynolds Lane Yes 2018-04-20
Fresh Garden holdings LLC Clatsop Yes 2019-11-08
Fresh Garden Holdings LLC Clatsop Yes 2018-04-20
Fresh Garden holdings LLC/DBA The Farmacy Clatsop Yes 2019-07-26
Fried Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Froglicker Farms Polk Yes 2019-02-01
Froglicker Farms LLC Polk Yes 2019-05-18
Froglicker Farms, LLC Polk Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000427C361 Frontier Farms LLC Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
020 10002976C07 Frost Factory LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
F.R.P. LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-22
Full Circle Pharms Inc. Josephine Yes 2017-08-18
Gadsden Gardens Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Gadsden Gardens, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-01-09
Gaia's Ganja garden llc Lane Yes 2018-08-20
Galaxy Odyssey LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-19
020 10007450C46 G and M Manufacturing LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Ganesh Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
020 1000180118A GANJA GIRL PRODUCTS, INC. Clackamas Yes 2016-11-10
Garden First LLC Error Yes 2018-03-09
Garden First LLC Linn Yes 2018-04-04
020 1001473F567 Garden of Dreams, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Garden Of The Gods Washington Yes 2020-10-16
Garden Of The Gods LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-01
Gardens of Selma, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-31
Gargoyle Enterprises, LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
Gas House Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
GCIC LLC Josephine Yes 2018-01-19
GEFES Clackamas Yes 2020-10-02
Gefes LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
020 100095900D3 GEFES, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
020 10025042247 Geiger Industries LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
G Farm Management LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-07-28
GhostTown Organix LLC Umatilla Yes 2018-05-18
GhostTown Organix LLC Tillamook Yes 2018-04-20
020 10013720707 Gigglebush Farms LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Gillihan Growers, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
Ginger Lessey / Stephen Lessey Polk Yes 2017-04-14
GK Wholesale LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
Glas Farms, LLC Polk Yes 2017-07-28
Glas Huis, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2020-05-18
GlennAnne Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
Glory Daze Botanicals, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-07-23
020 10007025389 GMG, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Gnome Grown LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
GNT Organic Farm, LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-25
G.O. Farms LLC Clatsop Yes 2018-10-05
GOG LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-22
Gold Bar Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
Gold Bar Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-23
020 10003257679 Golden Buddha LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Golden Creek Organic LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Golden Jackal Farm, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-05-05
Golden Jasmine LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-03-24
Golden Leaves Farm, LLC Yamhill Yes 2021-01-22
Golden Ridge Essentials, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-02-09
Golden Road Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
Golden Stone Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-10-03
Gong-Ji Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-26
Gong-Ji Farm, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
GOOD DOG FARM LLC Josephine Yes 2018-09-28
020 1002517081E Goodfellas Gardens, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Good Flower, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-29
Good Gardens, LLC Linn Yes 2020-12-04
Goodlight Gardens, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Good Shepherd Gardens, LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
Goonie Farms INC Clatsop Yes 2017-10-03
GORGE GROWN LLC Wasco Yes 2018-03-30
Gorgeous Green Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-12
Gorgeous Green LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-05-12
Gorilla Gods Garden LLC Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
Gorman's Garden LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-07-05
020 1002236F94D Grace Bio Gardens, Inc Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Graham Street Partners, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-06-22
Grasshopper Farm LLC Benton Yes 2018-03-30
Grasshopper Farm, LLC Benton Yes 2021-01-04
020 10005776262 Grass Roots Nursery LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10020138D3F Graves Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Graves Farm LLC / Dennis Byrne Jackson Yes 2017-12-08
Great American Ranch LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
020 1001027E404 Green Acers Farm, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
GREEN ACRE BLEND LLC Error Yes 2018-08-20
GREEN ACRE BLEND LLC Gilliam Yes 2019-05-03
Green Acres of Oregon Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
Green Acres of Oregon LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-05-05
Green American Farm, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-09-09
Green Bend Farms LLC. Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
Green Bird Farm LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-15
Green Butte Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2020-05-18
Green Cedar Valley, LLC Curry Yes 2017-07-28
GREEN CHOICE FARMS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
020 10010495C5F GREEN CHOICE FARMS, LLC & JASON TINSLEY Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Green Diamond Canna, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-20
GREEN DRAGON GARDENS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Greener Pacific Corp Linn Yes 2019-07-23
Greenery Property Management LLC Washington Yes 2017-06-16
Green Factory LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-18
Greenfarm Industries LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-25
Green Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-02-02
Green Fire Gardens, LLC Lincoln Yes 2020-10-02
Green Forest Gardens, LLC Clatsop Yes 2017-06-16
Green Fox Farm Washington Yes 2019-06-11
Green Fox Farm LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-15
Green Fox Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2018-05-25
Green Fresh Farms Deschutes Yes 2017-04-10
Green Future Growers, LLC Lane Yes 2019-09-27
Green Gear Solutions LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Green Gear Solutions LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-23
Greenhill Cannabis Farm LLC Lane Yes 2019-02-22
Greenhill Cannabis Farm, LLC Lane Yes 2019-06-11
Green Hills LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-10-03
Green Hornets LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Green Life Solutions LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-15
Green Matter Technologies, LLC Polk Yes 2017-05-05
Green Mile Enterprises LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-20
020 10008367B8A Green Mile Nursery, LLC. Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001172AB3B Green Mountain Canna Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Green Mountain Farm, LLC & Green Mountain Extracts, LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Green Passion LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
Greenphoria Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2018-07-06
020 10019300505 Green Pinky Farms LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Greenpoint Oregon Inc. Yamhill Yes 2018-11-02
Green Queen Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-16
020 10010128ABE Green Reign, Inc Lane Yes 2016-10-28
GreenRidge Agronomy, LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-20
020 1002619DEB8 Green Roots Ranch, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Green Star Growing, Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-08-09
Green Star Growing, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
020 10032973650 Green Tek Gardens, LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
GREEN VALLEY HARVEST INC. Josephine Yes 2018-07-06
Greenway Farm LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-12
020 100256368E5 Greenway Ventures LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Green Yonder LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-01-15
Gringo Acres LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Grizzilla Farms, LLC Benton Yes 2017-08-04
GRIZZLY AGRICULTURE LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
Grizzly Peak Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-23
GRNBDI LLC Washington Yes 2019-09-09
020 10017993BED Groen, LLC Wasco Yes 2016-10-28
Grohill Produce LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
020 10018566C6C Groovy Groves, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Gross Tonnage, LLC Marion Yes 2017-05-19
Ground Up Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2020-07-22
Ground Up Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
Grow Babes LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-15
Growers Guild Farm Corp Lane Yes 2019-12-19
Growers Guild Farm Corporation Lane Yes 2016-12-20
Growing Green Farms Error Yes 2017-06-30
Growing Green Farms Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Growing Green Farms Inc Linn Yes 2021-02-19
Growing Green Farms Inc. Linn Yes 2021-02-16
Growing Up LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-09-27
Growin Rogue, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-30
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC Josephine Yes 2018-11-16
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2018-11-16
Grown Rogue Gardens, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Grown Rogue Gardens, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC/Grown Rogue Distribution LLC Jackson Yes 2017-10-06
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC/Grown Rogue Distribution LLC Josephine Yes 2017-10-06
Grown Rogue Gardens LLC/Grown Rogue Distribution, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-11-09
020 1000055A025 Grow Organic, LLC Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
GS Canby LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-15
GSPG LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-06-08
Guava Grove LLC Jackson Yes 2017-04-14
Gud Company, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Gud Cultures LLC Josephine Yes 2020-01-17
GUO 168 LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
GW Production Riverside LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
GW Production Riverside, LLC Multnomah Yes 2020-10-02
020 10001818A8B GXO, Incorporated Deschutes Yes 2016-10-28
Gypsy Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Hairy Eyeball Productions, Inc. Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
Half Baked Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
020 10004312ECD Half Moon Bend Farm Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Halo Winberry Holdings, LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
Hands On Horticulture LLC / Chris Rentzel Polk Yes 2017-05-12
Happy Buddha Botanicals, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
020 1001470A9E3 Happy Buddha Farm, LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Happy Bud Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000731B88D Happy Camp, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Happy Daddy Gardens Corporation Clackamas Yes 2019-12-19
Happy Day Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-10
Happy Farm LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
Happy Farm Oregon LLC Lane Yes 2020-07-22
Happy Grow Lucky Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Happy Grow Lucky Farms LLC. Jackson Yes 2017-05-26
Happy Healing Farms LLC/Go Clean Advisors LLC Jackson Yes 2018-11-30
Happy Hollow Farms Inc Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Happy Hollow Farms, Inc Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Happy Hollow Farms, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2020-11-13
HAPPY HOLLOW FARMS, INC. Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Happy Hollow Farms - Production - Oregon City Inc Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
Happy Hollow Farms - Production - Oregon City Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-07-06
Happy Lane LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-05
Happy Trails Farm, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Happy tree gardens llc Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Happy Valley Agriculture, LLC Polk Yes 2018-08-20
Hard Knock Farms LLC Coos Yes 2019-06-25
Hardwoods, Inc Clackamas Yes 2019-07-05
Hardwoods, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-04-20
Harmony Holdings LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-05-04
Harmony Roots LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
020 10000369BE0 Harold Frazier, Dale Fox, Maiden Azelea LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Harper's Highlands LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-08-20
Harvest Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Hash Tag, Inc. Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
Hawaiian Seed Company, LLC Lane Yes 2019-10-25
Haywire LLC Washington Yes 2017-06-30
Haze Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-03-30
020 1003067B2BA HBB13, LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
HBFRM LLC Josephine Yes 2017-08-04
H&C, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-08-20
Headrush Hill Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-13
020 10017960742 Heady Farms LLC Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
Healing Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-26
Heath Industries LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-05-13
Heavy Lids LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
Hebert Marketing Group LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-03-31
Heco Farms Inc Deschutes Yes 2018-04-20
020 1000938E0EE Hedgpeth Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Heiple L2 LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Heiple L3 LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
Heiple L5 LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
Helios Pharms LLC Columbia Yes 2018-04-20
Heller Century Farm LLC Coos Yes 2018-06-08
Heller Century Farm LLCs Coos 2018-05-25
020 10008518133 Hempsters Holistic Garden LLC. Clatsop Yes 2016-10-28
Herbal Ally Inc Josephine Yes 2017-08-25
HERBAL EVOLUTION LLC Marion Yes 2019-06-11
Herban Renewal LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-15
020 10016476EEA HGHA Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
HGHA, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-25
HGP LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
020 1000150179A H&H Gardens Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
High Altitude LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
High Country Organic Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
High Desert Flower, Inc. Lake Yes 2021-02-26
High Desert Flower, LLC Lake Yes 2018-05-25
020 10020773460 Higher Aspirations Inc. Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
High Latitude Farms LLC Hood River Yes 2016-12-05
High Mountain Farm, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
020 1000193BA66 High Noon Farm LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
High Octane Organics Inc Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
High Places LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-22
High Productions LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
High Quality Flora, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-26
High Quality Organic LLC. Lane Yes 2018-04-20
High Ridge Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-12-08
020 1002220E48B High Rise Collective, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
High River Farms, LLC Benton Yes 2017-05-26
High Spirit Acres, LLC & Tap-Reloop LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-07-22
High Spirit Acres, LLC & Tap-Reloop, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
High Tech Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
High Tide Tempest, LLC Tillamook Yes 2019-02-22
High Winds Farm, LLC Hood River Yes 2017-03-24
Hill Holding Company LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Hillsboro Industrial Enterprises LLC Washington Yes 2018-02-02
Hillside Garden Co LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-06-25
020 1001116FB92 Hillside Herbs LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Hi Q LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-20
Hitest Farms LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-03
020 1001983E80F HM Horticulture LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 10010150067 HOLLAND G FARM Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
HOLLAND G. FARM LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Holman St Ventures LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
020 10031060E16 Holy Child Farms Polk Yes 2016-10-28
Holy Child Farms LLC Polk Yes 2018-01-12
020 100246536BC Hood River Cannabis Co Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
HOOD RIVER CANNABIS CO Hood River Yes 2019-09-09
HOOD RIVER CANNABIS CO Hood River Yes 2021-02-16
Hood River Valley Farm, LLC Hood River Yes 2017-05-19
Hook and Hands Agriculture Rec, Inc. Lane Yes 2018-03-09
HOR Industries, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-06-25
Hortus LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-06-11
Hotbox Farms LLC Lincoln Yes 2020-10-02
HQFARMS LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
HSCP Oregon LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
Huggins Gardens LLC Columbia Yes 2017-03-24
Hug, INC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-05
Hurb Acres, LLC. Washington Yes 2018-09-28
Hydroberry Holdings LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Hydro League Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2018-07-06
020 100071113BB Hydrus Hydroponics Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
I-5 Farms, Inc. Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
I-5 Farms, Inc. Marion Yes 2017-06-16
Ideal Herbs LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Ideal Herbs LLC and Ronson Imfeld Lane Yes 2020-07-22
020 100189881E5 Iguana Wholesale Inc. Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Illuminati Medicinals LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-01
Illuminati Medicinals, LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
IMF Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Impact Direct, LLC Washington Yes 2016-12-23
Indoor Cultivation Systems LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-12-05
Indoor Orchards, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-28
Indo Supply Co. Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
Indo Supply, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-01
Industry Oregon, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-12-08
INFINITE TREE, INC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Inner Rhythm, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-18
020 10008983FEC Innovative Concepts Worldwide Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Innovative Concepts Worldwide INC Jackson Yes 2018-03-09
Inspired Farm LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-19
020 10017618317 Integral Soils LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Integrated Growth Solutions Inc Multnomah Yes 2021-01-04
Integrated Growth Solutions Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-12-18
IR Industries, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
020 10019395A2A iron cross enterprise llc Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Iron Cross Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
IRON ROAD ENTERPRISES LLC Lincoln Yes 2020-05-18
Jack O'Neil and James Wakefield Lincoln Yes 2018-10-19
Jack O'Neil and James Wakefield Lincoln Yes 2021-02-16
Jakesega West Corp/Green Bend Farms LLC. Deschutes Yes 2020-10-30
James Edward LLC Lake Yes 2017-08-18
James Edward LLC Linn Yes 2018-09-28
Jan-Michael Roberts/Heidi Roberts Clatsop Yes 2017-08-04
Janna Blair Slack Lane Yes 2017-11-17
JAR Industries, LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
Jasmine Dansby Curry Yes 2018-05-18
JBCEC Inc. Lane Yes 2018-03-30
JBDM, LLC Wasco Yes 2021-02-16
JBQ Resources LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-05-05
JCB Farms, LLC Yamhill Yes 2020-10-02
JCB Farms, LLC Yamhill Yes 2021-05-04
JCCD_Gladstone LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-08-07
020 100153913C0 JCS3 Operating Company, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 100154108CB JCS3 Operating Company, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
JD541,LLC Lane Yes 2020-08-07
JD541, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
020 1000484ADD9 JDK HOLDINGS, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
JEA Herbal, LLC Washington Yes 2020-10-16
Jefferson Maxwell LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
020 1001471F91A Jefferson State Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Jeff Lount / De Anna Lount Jackson Yes 2017-12-08
020 100038132C4 Jennifer Speer-Harvey, Antonio Harvey, Daniel Speer Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Jensen Ranch LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
Jessi James Gardens LLC Polk Yes 2019-12-04
JH & DK LLC Washington Yes 2017-09-25
JJ Farms Oregon LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
JJS Enterprise LLC Washington Yes 2018-02-02
JLB Enterprises, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
J & L Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
J. Lilly, LLC Washington Yes 2017-09-25
JMS Cultivation LLC Josephine Yes 2020-08-07
JNB Enterprise LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-23
Joint Effort Farms Jackson Yes 2019-08-09
Joint Effort Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-29
Joint Venture Gardens LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Jonathan Mahody/Lisa Mahody Lane Yes 2017-06-16
Jones Creek Chronic, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-08-11
Joseph D'Avanzo and John Winters Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
JPS ENTERPRISES LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-08
JR Agricultural LLC Wasco Yes 2021-01-22
Jreims Fields LLC Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
JR Organic Farms LLC Lane Yes 2018-09-28
JT Delange LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-28
Judy Neely Washington Yes 2017-09-25
Juicy Jackson LLC Jackson Yes 2019-10-25
Just Add Music, LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-05-18
JV Applegate LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-18
020 1001944721B JV Production 3 LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
J Zetto Quality Farms, LLC Columbia Yes 2017-12-22
K2 Horizon LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-07-23
Kaizen Investments LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-29
Kaizen Investments LLC / Conception US Inc Washington Yes 2020-10-23
Kama'aina Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
Kamamalu Farm LLC Coos Yes 2019-09-09
Kanaba Farms Marion Yes 2017-11-17
Kanaba Farms LLC Marion Yes 2020-05-18
Kanaba Farms, LLC Marion Yes 2017-08-25
KANA FARMS, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-09-28
Kaprikorn LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Kara Michele LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Kaylie Renee Brand/Preston Mitchal Brand Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
KB CO. LLC Polk Yes 2017-03-24
Kelly D. Hillyer and Douglas D. Hillyer Clackamas Yes 2019-06-25
Keng Farm, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Kenjan Enterprises LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
KFG Partners, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-10-06
KFG Partners, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-11-08
KGB Farms LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-16
KGB Trim, LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-01-15
Kindlove LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
King Kola, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Kings Cannabis, Inc. Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Kings of Kush, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
KISMET FARM LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-14
020 1000798B8B8 Kit Johnston Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Kleen Karma Gardens, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-05-12
Klone Kings LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
KMB Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-22
KMG Farm LLC Washington Yes 2017-04-25
KNF Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
KNLC, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
Knot Head Farm LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
Knownot LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
Koda Boy Investments LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
Kola Brand LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-06-16
KPH Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
KR50 Holdings Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-07-26
KR50 Holdings Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-11-08
KR50 Holdings Inc. / Joy Luck Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2019-09-09
KR50 Holdings Inc. / Joy Luck Farm LLC. Jackson Yes 2017-06-30
Krem LLC Lane Yes 2019-06-11
Krystal Creek Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2020-01-17
Kumba Hills Farm, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Kumba Hills Farms Jackson Yes 2019-09-27
Kumba Hills Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
Kush King Enterprise LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-10
Kush King Enterprise LLC Washington Yes 2020-07-22
Kush Originals LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-11-30
Kwondren, LLC Marion Yes 2018-09-28
Labor of Love Gardens llc Lane Yes 2018-06-08
Lacoste Farms, LLC Wasco Yes 2021-02-16
LAH LLC Washington Yes 2019-07-23
020 10002627DC7 Laird Family Farms LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Lake Creek Land And Cattle, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Lake Creek Vineyards, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
020 100019879F7 Laksmi Botanicals LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
La Mota 10 LLC Marion Yes 2020-08-07
La Mota 13, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-13
La Mota 3, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
La Mota Farms LLC Washington Yes 2020-01-31
La Mota Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2020-01-31
La Mota Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-26
La Mota Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-26
La Mota Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2020-12-04
La Mota Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-12-04
La Mota Farms LLC & Rosa Cazares Washington Yes 2019-07-23
La Mota Farms LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2019-06-11
La Mota Farms, LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota Farms, LLC & Rosa Cazares Washington Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota Farms, LLC & Rosa Cazares Washington Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Farms, LLC & Rosa Cazares Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
La Mota Front Ave LLC and Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
La Mota Front Ave LLC and Rosa Cazares Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
La Mota LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-25
La Mota, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-12
020 100155562C5 La Mota, LLC Jackson 2016-10-28
020 1001356D897 La Mota, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 100135548E1 La Mota, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
LarryD Brock Clackamas Yes 2017-08-25
Las Lomas Butte Game Farm Lane Yes 2020-10-30
Las Lomas Butte Game Farm LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-02
Laughing Buffalo Farm, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Lavandula Canna LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
LC&KD LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-30
L & D Development LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
L & D Development, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-20
L & D Development, LLC dba Laughing Dog Farms Clackamas Yes 2020-07-22
Leafer Logistics LLC Polk Yes 2019-03-08
Leap Frog Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Lee Consulting of Oregon LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
020 1000455C99C Left Coast Standard LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Legacy Gardens LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-23
Legacy Organics, LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-02
Legends of CBD, LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
020 100046667EC LF Farms, Inc Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Lick Creek Farm Inc Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Life Flower LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-18
Limpy Creek Cannabis LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-19
LIN 666 LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
Linda Herbert Washington Yes 2018-09-28
Linda K Mayfield & Larry Mayfield Wasco Yes 2017-09-25
Linder Investments, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-23
Lingo Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
Lion Root Productions, LLC Washington Yes 2019-08-09
020 10007916FAE Liontree Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Lisa Atherton / Scott Atherton Clackamas Yes 2017-05-26
Little Granny's Garden Inc Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
Little Granny's Garden Inc and Randall Martin Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Little Oak Inc Washington Yes 2021-05-04
Little Oak, Inc Washington Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000420CF27 Live in Love LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002819666A Living Soil Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Living Things LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
L & K Property Management LLC Washington Yes 2017-05-26
LNR Operations INC Lane Yes 2018-10-19
LNR Operations, INC. Lane Yes 2018-09-28
Local Variety, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2020-05-18
Logan Project, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-09-25
Logsden Farms LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-03-09
Lone Tree Organic LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-11-02
Longshot Holdings LLC Josephine Yes 2019-06-11
Longshot Holdings, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-05-03
Looking Glass Extracts LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-09-28
Lopaka Farms LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-10-19
Lost Duck Farm, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-22
020 1002243624B Lotus Apothecary, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Lotus Family Farms, LLC Polk Yes 2017-05-19
Lotus Farms, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-09-25
Loud City LLC / Rider Life LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
Louis VuChron, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-01-19
Lovelife Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-19
Lovena Green Farms Marion Yes 2017-05-19
Lovena Green Farms Yamhill Yes 2018-07-27
LOVENA GREEN FARMS, LLC Marion Yes 2018-07-20
Lowell Earl Pauli II & LuAnn Margaret Conant Columbia Yes 2017-03-24
Lower Left LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-25
Lower Rogue Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2018-09-28
Loyal Farms, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-03-09
LT Industries LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-23
LTVR Heiple LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
LUANKA COLLECTIVE LLC Curry Yes 2021-05-04
Luanka L.L.C. Curry Yes 2020-05-18
020 10025289776 Luckey Farms, Inc. Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Luminous Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
LUNA COW LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-18
Luna Vndas Inc. Lane Yes 2018-11-02
LW CULTIVATION, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
M3M, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-04
MacDaddy Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-22
MacDaddy Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
MacFarm, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-06-30
020 100079757BB Madame Grow LLC Lincoln Yes 2016-10-28
Madden Butte Farm LLC Curry Yes 2018-08-20
Magic Hour Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-10-08
Mana Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-09
020 1002647322E M and B Vineyards Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 100277503CF M and B Vineyards Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
M and B Vineyards LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Marcus Flynn, Mike Flynn, Carol Flynn Polk Yes 2018-02-09
Mark Cecil Cobb Klamath Yes 2020-12-04
Mark Davidson / Pamla Davidson Columbia Yes 2018-01-12
Mars Cannabis Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2020-11-20
Mars Farms LLC Lane Yes 2021-02-16
Mason Family Farm LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-30
020 1001162B96B Mast Farms, Inc. Coos Yes 2016-10-28
Maxfield Farms LLC Polk Yes 2017-07-28
020 1002057C1FA Mayfield Organics LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Mayfield Organics LLC / Shamrock Yards LLC Washington Yes 2018-10-05
MBJ Oregon LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
MC Farming, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-08-09
020 100191102B4 MCK FARMS LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
McNamara Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-14
MCP Investors, LLC Lane Yes 2020-10-09
Meadows Productions LLC Marion Yes 2021-02-16
Medicinal Roots, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000986D2E8 MediRec, LLC. Marion Yes 2016-10-28
MediRec, LLC. dba Albion Farms Marion Yes 2019-09-27
Megan Torres / Richard Torres, dba Malinalli Farms Yamhill Yes 2018-07-06
Mellman LLC Coos Yes 2017-03-24
Mercury Primo INC. Benton Yes 2018-02-09
Meredith Snodgrass & Robert Snodgrass III Josephine Yes 2019-09-27
Merry Things Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2018-07-13
META NATURALS Jackson Yes 2018-07-13
META NATURALS LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
MGF LLC Washington Yes 2018-06-29
MH Industries, LLC Washington Yes 2017-08-18
MICHAEL F REED Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
020 1002625CFC5 Midnight Trich Farm, LLC Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
Midori Farms LLC & Eric Bizon Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Mill Creek Growers LLC Polk Yes 2017-05-12
Millennium farms corp Lane Yes 2017-06-30
020 10034380D8E Millerville Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Million Elephants, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-26
Mindful Landscaping LLC. Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Minthorne, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-11-16
Miracle Farms, Inc Deschutes Yes 2019-02-22
Mirson Farms LLC Polk Yes 2018-05-25
Misty Valley Farms LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-25
Mitus Resource Group, LLC Washington Yes 2018-10-19
M & J Agronomics LLC, et al Lane Yes 2019-07-23
MJ Pharms LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
MMLW,LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
MMNP Enterprises, Inc. Josephine Yes 2019-10-25
MN Buds LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
MNG Holdings, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-04-20
MNG OP - 2581 Dick George Road 1 LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
MNG OP-2581 Dick George Road 2 LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
MNG RE - 2581 DICK GEORGE ROAD LLC Josephine Yes 2018-08-20
Mobelly Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-16
Mohawk Meadows, LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-18
Molalla River Enterprises East, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-04
Molalla River Enterprises East, LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Molalla River Enterprises West, LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-04
Molalla River Enterprises West, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-08-04
020 10020892B00 Mongo Ranch, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Monticello Farms Company Clatsop Yes 2021-05-04
Moon Lite Inc Multnomah Yes 2021-02-16
Mosby Creek Farms LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
Mother Earth Growers LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-19
020 100199419EB Mother Magnolia Medicinals, Inc. Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Mothership Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
Mothership Farms Inc. Tillamook Yes 2019-06-25
Mothership Farms Inc. Marion Yes 2019-10-11
Moto Perpetuo Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2018-09-28
020 10001579F78 Moto Perpetuo Farm LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000310A051 Mountain Sun Botanicals Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10020949610 Mountain View Growers LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
MPK, Inc. Lincoln Yes 2017-06-16
MPSC enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
MPSC Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2020-05-18
M&S Grow Lincoln Yes 2019-09-27
M Thrive Organics LLC Wasco Yes 2017-03-24
020 10021210781 Mulino Agricultural II LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-11-10
Muriel Kirkham & Douglas Kirkham Washington Yes 2016-12-23
My Guy, LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-22
N45 Cannabis, LLC Hood River Yes 2018-03-30
020 1003194AED5 National Botanicals LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
Natural Craft Industries, LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-08-26
nature based corporation Marion Yes 2019-03-15
Nature Based Corporation Marion 2019-03-08
Natures Meds Farm LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
Nature's Path LLC Benton Yes 2017-12-22
NB Industries, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-30
020 1002788E39D Nebadon Inc. Multnomah Yes 2016-11-10
Nectar Markets, LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-23
Nectar Markets, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Nectar of the Bud Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-08-04
Neighbor Dave's Organics LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-07
New Breed Seed, LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-12
New Frontier LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-09-28
New Frontier, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-06-16
Newman Agriculture LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-30
020 1001135132A Next Generation Nurseries Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Next Generation Nurseries, Inc. Benton Yes 2020-07-22
Next Generation Nurseries, LLC. Benton Yes 2017-11-22
020 1002275C27E Nicely Grown Benton Yes 2016-10-28
Nicely Grown LLC Benton Yes 2017-11-17
Nick Smith LLC Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Night Owl Nursery Yamhill Yes 2017-03-31
Nightwood Horticulture Limited Coos Yes 2020-05-18
NIghtwood Horticulture Limited Coos Yes 2018-01-12
No Bad Haze LLC Clatsop Yes 2018-12-28
020 10025979B73 Noble Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Noble Sprout Farms Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-11-17
Noble Sprout Farms, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2016-12-05
North Fork Naturals, LTD Clatsop Yes 2019-12-19
Northstar Botanicals Inc Clackamas Yes 2017-07-07
North Tree Company LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Northwest Artisan Coalition LLC Columbia Yes 2017-11-17
Northwest Botanica LLC Washington Yes 2017-06-16
Northwest Bud Company LLC Josephine Yes 2018-07-06
Northwest Greeneries, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Northwest Grown LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-30
Northwest Grown LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-08-25
020 10001731C6B NorthWest HomeGrown Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Northwest OG, LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-04
Northwest Soiltech LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
Noti Tree House LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-03
Novik Industries, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000808C312 Nug Run Farms, LLC Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000809A2EB Nug Run Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
NW Kind LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-01-09
020 10019811371 Oakhill Organics LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Oakhill Organics LLC and Katherine Kulla Yamhill Yes 2017-11-17
Occes Washington Yes 2017-03-31
OCEAN-GROWN-ORGANICS LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-07-20
020 10020822989 OCG Management LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 10018326D76 OG Gardens, LLC Marion Yes 2016-10-28
OG Gardens, LLC/OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
OG Processing, LLC & OG Gardens, LLC & OG Leasing, LLC Marion Yes 2018-08-20
OGX, LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-23
Ohana Canna LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
OHANA CANNA LLC Josephine Yes 2018-07-27
020 1002318FB2C Old Cordwood Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Old Gold Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Old Growth Gardens LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-12-19
Old School Organic Gardens LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-01-12
Old World Organics llc Clatsop Yes 2021-05-04
Old World Organics LLC Clatsop Yes 2020-01-17
Omega Blends Yamhill Yes 2018-03-30
Omega Blends, LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-12-20
020 1002246CB04 OM Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 100018239CD One Family Farms Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
ONE FAMILY FARMS, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
ONETWENTY LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-19
OpCo Production 1 LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-02
OpCo Production 2 LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-01-17
OpCo Production 2, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-10-06
Opus 420, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-30
Oregon Best Flower Farm LLC Columbia Yes 2021-02-19
Oregon Best Flowers Farm LLC Columbia 2021-02-16
020 100140402E1 Oregon Blissful Botanicals LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Blooms, LLC Lane Yes 2018-10-05
Oregon Bud Company LLC Marion Yes 2018-11-02
Oregon Bud Company, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
020 1002287FF64 Oregon Bud Works LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Candy Farm, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-05-03
Oregon Candy Farm, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
020 1001264ED0D Oregon Cannabis Authority, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002853B750 Oregon Cannabis Farms L.L.C. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Coast Dispensary Inc Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
020 10012252750 Oregon Coast Farms, LLC Douglas Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Compassion Solutions LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Oregon Compassion Solutions LLC and Julie Dubocq Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
020 1000366F55B Oregon Country Gardens LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Dreams LLC Benton Yes 2018-04-20
Oregon Essentials, LLC Lane Yes 2019-01-18
Oregon Expedition LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Oregon Genetics Farms, Inc. Washington Yes 2021-02-26
020 100071239F4 Oregon Girl LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Green Cultivation LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
020 1001363A82B Oregon Green Leaf Farms LLC and Iguana Wholesale, Inc Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Greens Enterprises, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Oregon Grow, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-04-10
020 1002210686A Oregon Grow, LLC - Crispin Matthew Caldwell Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001657D6FF Oregon Grown Organics Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Grown Organics LLC Jackson Yes 2017-04-28
Oregonic Farms LLC Columbia Yes 2017-10-03
Oregonix, LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-10-08
020 10006230E6D Oregon Knights Distributing INC. Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon Microgrowers LLC Lane Yes 2017-12-22
Oregon Pharm Fresh LLC Josephine Yes 2018-05-25
Oregon Pineapple LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Oregon Processing Solutions, LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-16
020 1000456B832 Oregon Roots Inc Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 10012651751 Oregon Roots Inc and Trichomes Gardens Limited Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Oregon's Top Shelf, LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
020 10029770025 Oregon Valley Soils LLC Polk Yes 2016-11-10
Oregon Weed Works LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-09
Oregrown, LLC Washington Yes 2017-11-17
Organabis Farms Inc Marion Yes 2019-07-05
Organabis Farms, INC Marion Yes 2017-11-22
Organic Theory LLC Lincoln Yes 2021-02-26
Organic Theory LLC / Kimberling Group LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-03-19
020 10022459A6C Orgo Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-11-10
Orgreenik Farms LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-05-18
OrGroTech LLC Columbia Yes 2018-10-19
Orion's Garden LLC Linn Yes 2021-01-15
ORYGANJ, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-12-05
Oso Verde LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-12
Oso Verde, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Otis Gardens Inc Hood River Yes 2018-05-18
Otis Gardens, Inc Hood River Yes 2016-12-12
Otis Gardens Incorporated Hood River Yes 2018-12-07
Otto's OG Farm Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Our Family Tree Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-20
Outdoor Farms, Inc Josephine Yes 2019-12-19
O WERKS INC Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
O WERKS INC Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
O WERKS INC. Josephine Yes 2017-09-25
Owl Farm, LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-08
Pacific Coast Partners, LLC Lane Yes 2018-08-20
Pacific Commercial Holdings LLC Benton Yes 2017-03-24
Pacific Commercial Holdings LLC/Cutter Cannabis Company LLC Polk Yes 2019-07-05
Pacific Enterprise Holdings LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-01-09
Pacific Green Growers, LLC Lane Yes 2018-04-20
Pacific Grove LLC/ Black Diamond Properties LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-10-19
Pacific NW Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
Palladium Solutions, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-01-12
Pangaea Organics, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-06-16
Paradise Hill, LLC Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
Paradise Hill, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
Paschal Farms, Inc Clackamas Yes 2018-06-22
020 10016250A1F Paydaze Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Paydaze LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
PB&J Flowers, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-05-19
PCS Resource Group LLC Marion Yes 2020-10-02
PDX Factor LLC Washington Yes 2021-01-22
PDX ORGANICS Washington Yes 2017-07-28
PDX ORGANICS LLC Washington Yes 2020-05-18
Pea Penny Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
PEG'N SON, LLC Tillamook Yes 2017-11-17
020 10023044A48 P&E Green Solutions, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 100025958F3 PELTON LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Penter LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-16
PEnterprise LLC Linn Yes 2018-05-04
020 100188582DA Penumbra LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001546468C Peter Mazzini Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Pettit & Zenner LLC Clackamas 2021-05-04
Petuniapotz LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-07-28
Pharmfresh LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-14
Phat Dawg Pharms LLC Josephine 2018-10-19
Philip Hutson - Kelly Hutson Clatsop Yes 2017-03-24
Philip Hutson - Kelly Hutson Lincoln Yes 2020-10-02
Phillips Field Facility LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-26
020 100004352B3 Phoenix Group LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 10019029B78 Phoenix Pharms Of Oregon LLC Polk Yes 2016-10-28
020 10009109ECE Phoenix Rising Productions Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Phoenix Rising Productions, Inc Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000299E422 Pilot Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Pineapple Grow LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-15
Pineapple Society LLC Josephine Yes 2018-04-20
Pinnacle Oregon, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Pinnacle Organics LLC Douglas Yes 2018-08-20
Pioneer Farms, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-07-13
Pistil Pioneers Lane Yes 2020-10-23
020 10005453F9C Pistil Pioneers Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Pistil Pioneers LLC Lane Yes 2019-12-04
020 10014492356 PJC Group LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Placido Investments LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-04
Plane Tree Estates LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
PM Hagel and Associates Inc Lane Yes 2018-10-19
PNW OPERATOR LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-04
POCCO LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Poets Biotech LLC Benton Yes 2017-04-10
Pole Enterprises LLC Columbia Yes 2018-03-09
020 1001575A4DC Poor Man Farm Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Poor Man Farm Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
Porta Farms Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Porta Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-08-20
PORT FRONT LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-29
Portland Core Corp Columbia Yes 2017-07-28
Portland High Standards, Inc Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
PORTLAND HIGH STANDARDS, INC. Clackamas Yes 2018-02-09
Pot Depot LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-16
Pot of Gold Distributing, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-05-18
020 10030653D97 Powell Creek Nursery, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Prairie Song Organics Lane Yes 2020-07-22
Prairie Song Organics LLC Lane Yes 2017-01-09
Premier Farm Corporation Clackamas Yes 2021-05-04
020 10025784A94 Primo Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10020490764 PROCANNA LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
PROFITABLE ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. Washington Yes 2018-06-22
PROJECT 13 CORPORATION Clackamas Yes 2019-09-09
Prolific Partners LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-15
Prospector Gardens LLC Curry Yes 2017-07-07
PTR Investments, Inc. Marion Yes 2018-12-28
PTR Investments LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
Pudding River Enterprises LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Purejoy Gardens LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-16
020 100202612C3 Pure Oreganics LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000141D7D2 PWCC, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Pysola Industries LLC Jackson Yes 2019-08-26
QJ Lucky Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
Quality Affordable Products LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-18
Quality Product Solutions LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-03-30
R2JK Management Company LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
Rabbit Hills Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-30
RAD Nursery Products LLC Columbia Yes 2017-11-17
RAD Nursery Products LLC. Columbia Yes 2019-09-27
Rager Estates LLC Lane Yes 2018-10-19
Rainforest Organix, LLC Tillamook Yes 2016-12-05
Rainhill Farm LLC Coos Yes 2020-07-22
020 10010428B2A Rainwater Garden, LLC Coos Yes 2016-10-28
Rainwater Holdings LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Rainy Skye Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-16
RAINY SKYE FARMS LLC Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
RAMFAMILYFARMS LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Rare Earth Dispensary LLC Lane Yes 2017-05-05
Raymond Miller & Deborah Miller Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
RCJ VINEYARDS, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
R & D Enterprises, LLC. Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
RDNA Production, Inc. Lane Yes 2018-03-30
Red Barn Agriculture LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-12
Redbarn Gardens 2, Inc Coos Yes 2021-02-16
Redbarn Gardens 2 LLC Coos Yes 2021-05-04
Redbarn Gardens LLC Douglas Yes 2020-10-09
Red Barn Gardens, LLC Douglas Yes 2017-11-17
Red Barn Industries, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-10-03
Red Barn Organics II, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-01-12
Red Barn Organics I, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-13
Red Coho Ranch LLC Coos Yes 2017-06-16
020 1002299A014 Red Wing Enterprise Farms, Inc Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001858728F Redwood Management Group Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Redwood Management Group LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-07
Refinery Manufacturing, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-20
Remedy Ranch, Inc. Josephine Yes 2017-06-16
Remedy River, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Renegade Roots, Inc. Benton Yes 2017-08-18
Repleo, Inc Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Reservation Ranch, LLC. Wasco Yes 2017-05-19
Resin Ranchers, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2017-01-09
RGJB Holdings LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-04-06
R G & T Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2018-03-30
RG & T Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-30
Rhea Gardens, LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-02
RHF Holdings LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
020 1002307A374 Richard Porta Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Richard Porta & Norma Schorr-Porta Jackson Yes 2017-10-03
Richard R Crabtree Sr., Richard Anthony Crabtree Jr. & Kimberly Ann Crabtree Tillamook Yes 2017-11-17
Richardson Gap Farm LLC Linn Yes 2020-10-02
020 10017843AB1 Ridgemont Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
RIP CITY ROOTS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-10-19
Rising Leaf Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-10-06
Rising Tide Farms LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-09-25
RiteKind Productions LLC Jackson 2021-05-04
Riverglass Shop LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-06-30
River Grown LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
020 10017878444 RJJ, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
RJJ, LLC and Paula Dale Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
RJJ, LLC and Paula Dale Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
Robert W Demes and Helen D Demes Linn Yes 2018-08-20
Rockchuck & Juniper LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-05-26
Rock Creek Greenery LLC Washington Yes 2017-07-28
ROCKY TOP ORGANIC FARMS, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Rogue Coast Growers, LLC Curry Yes 2017-01-09
ROGUE COAST GROWERS LLC Curry Yes 2020-01-17
Rogue Farmer at Quartz Creek LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
Rogue Farmer at Quartz Creek, LLC. Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
Rogue Framer at Quartz Creek LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-30
Rogue Herbs, Inc. Jackson Yes 2017-12-18
Rogue Pioneers, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-10-02
ROGUE RISING FARMS LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
020 10007652C91 Rogue River Botanicals, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Rogue River Family Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Rogue's Lair Improvement, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-04
020 1002811467A Rogue Valley Group LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002532EEB6 Rogue Valley Group LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Rogue Valley Prime Organics LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-04
020 1002716FC9F Rogue Valley Recreation Supply Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Rogue Valley Recreation Supply LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-07
Rolling Cascades Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-05-12
Roots Life Farm LLC Hood River Yes 2017-03-24
Roots Rock LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-08-20
020 1001402E156 Rose Bud Growers, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Rose Sol Holdings LLC Jackson Yes 2017-03-24
Roshi Alternative Solutions, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-01-18
020 1001166B950 Royal Ambrosia Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Royal Ambrosia LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
RPD FARMS, LLC Marion Yes 2019-06-11
Rudra LLC Lane Yes 2018-11-09
Russerick Enterprises LLC Jackson Yes 2018-07-06
Ryan Anderson Yamhill Yes 2020-10-23
Saint J. Enterprises, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
Saints, Inc. Multnomah Yes 2019-06-11
Sam Allen Heath Josephine Yes 2018-02-09
Samuel John Hanks and Ashley Hanks Deschutes Yes 2019-05-13
Samuel Oldham Polk Yes 2017-05-12
020 10009076F74 Sandhill Grange Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001920381A Sandy River Organics LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Sasha Gardens, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-06-22
020 1001101C42D Sasquatch Valley Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Saum Creek Farm LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Sauvie Island Reserves, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-04-20
Savage Cannabis LLC Polk Yes 2017-06-30
Savage Cannabis LLC Polk Yes 2018-03-09
Savage Cultivation LLC Polk Yes 2020-01-17
Savage Gardens, LLC. Clackamas Yes 2019-06-11
Savage Skunk Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2019-05-03
Savage TNT Incorporated Polk Yes 2020-01-17
Savory Cloud Organics Corporation Lane Yes 2017-09-25
SBC Services LLC Wasco Yes 2021-02-16
SBIG LLC Coos Yes 2019-05-03
Scaled Ventures, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-06-25
SCD Farm, LLC Linn Yes 2021-01-04
Schack Farms LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-29
020 1000342E3F5 Scissortail Farms, LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Sean A. Hummel Lincoln Yes 2019-03-25
Sean A. Hummel, Michael W. Woodhull Jr. Lincoln Yes 2017-08-18
Sean Hummel Lincoln Yes 2020-05-18
SeaWeedz LLC Curry Yes 2017-04-10
Seed Soil Sun, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-01-17
020 10003224875 Seed Soil Sun, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Segreto LLC Malheur Yes 2021-05-04
Sektor Pro, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
SektorPro LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
020 10026718E65 Self Made Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002782C0E7 Self Made Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10001970179 Selma Gardens Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
SensiMetrics LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-12-08
Set Ventures LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
020 10016357CDD Seven Point Farms Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Seven Point Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-19
Seven Points, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Seventh Hill ReLeaf LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
SGM LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-08-20
Shamrock Farming Company LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
Shamrock Farming Company, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
Shane Clay; Brandi Clay Linn Yes 2021-01-04
SharpLeaf LLC Error Yes 2017-08-25
SharpLeaf LLC Linn Yes 2017-12-18
Shelly Harmon Polk Yes 2018-03-19
SHENNONG LLC Josephine Yes 2017-04-10
Shiloh Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-25
SHIVELING ENTERPRISE, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-06-11
Shoreview Ventures LLC Lane Yes 2021-01-15
Shweeash Bamboo Clatsop Yes 2017-03-24
Siering Farms LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-08-20
020 1002154A5A8 Signature Oregon, LLC Yamhill Yes 2016-10-28
Silverdome Pharms LLC Benton 2018-03-30
Silver Leaf Gardens Inc Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
020 1002323C138 Silver Leaf Meadows Inc Lane Yes 2016-10-28
SILVER LEAF SPRINGS, LLC Jackson Yes 2021-01-15
Siskiyou Arts Cooperative LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-19
Siskiyou Cascade Growing Innovations LLC Jackson Yes 2017-12-08
SISKIYOU SUNGROWN FARM, INC Josephine Yes 2017-04-28
020 100226289C7 SISKIYOU SUNGROWN FARM, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
020 10024813462 Sixtech Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sixtech, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-02-02
SJJD Consulting LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-11-17
SJJD CONSULTING LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-10-19
SJT AGRICULTURE LLC Josephine Yes 2021-01-15
Skunk Train Farm LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
020 100207137EB Skunk Valley Farm, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Skunk Weed Farms LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-29
SKUNKY CANNABIS LLC Coos Yes 2017-08-18
Sky High Group LLC Washington Yes 2021-05-04
020 1001226D450 Skyprize Farm LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Sky Valley Organics LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Sleepy Owl Gardens LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-12-28
020 1000525C461 sleepy shepard farms llc Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sleepy Shepard farms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-22
Sleepy Shepard farms LLC Lane Yes 2020-08-07
Sleepy Shepard Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2019-04-05
Sleepy Shepard Farms LLC Lane Yes 2019-05-03
SLEEPY SHEPARD FARMS LLC Jackson Yes 2018-12-28
Slims holdings llc Josephine Yes 2021-01-04
Slims top shelf llc Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
SLO MO, INC. Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
020 1000264669D Smokey Mountain Farm LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000972D0CA Smokey Mountain High Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Smoky Flower Farm, LLC Washington Yes 2017-08-18
Smpkns S Corp Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
SMW Agriculture LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-05
SMW Agriculture LLC. Lane Yes 2017-06-30
020 10013522863 SOCC LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10013776828 SOCC LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10012592813 SOCC LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
SOC Ventures LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
SODF, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
SOFF LLC Josephine Yes 2019-08-09
SOFF LLC Jackson Yes 2021-02-19
SOG Farms Inc. Coos Yes 2017-04-14
SOG FARMS INC. Coos Yes 2021-01-15
SOJ Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2017-06-16
Solali Inc Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Solar Fresh, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
020 100010499D8 Solar Fresh, LLC dba sofresh farms Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000125B4E2 Sol Cultivations INC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sol Cultivations Inc./ SOL SAP LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
Sol Cultivations Inc./ SOL SAP LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
Sol Invictus, Inc. Lane Yes 2017-03-24
020 1000801D2A6 Sol-Sisters, Inc. Polk Yes 2016-10-28
Solstice Botanicals LLC Jackson Yes 2018-10-19
Soma Growers LLC Lincoln Yes 2018-10-19
020 10016785D0D Something Special Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sommerfield Farms Inc. Josephine Yes 2019-07-05
Southeastern Headquarters LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-10-19
Southern Amalgamated Development LLC Josephine Yes 2017-05-12
Southern Flame LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-02
020 10018745FE4 South Fork Farming Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Southlake Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2018-09-28
Southwest Oregon Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Sow Canna II LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
020 10000347E97 SOW CANNA LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Special Branded, Inc Josephine Yes 2018-06-29
Spherop Coos Yes 2017-11-22
Spherop LLC Coos Yes 2018-05-04
Spiering Farms LLC Washington Yes 2019-02-22
Spring Forward Farms, LLC Josephine 2016-12-12
Springwater Organics Clackamas Yes 2017-06-30
Springwater Organics llc Clackamas Yes 2019-06-11
Springwater Organics LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-05-18
Spyglass Management LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Square Dot LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
Star Dog Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-04-20
State 3 Farms LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-12-08
Stay Hai LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
STB Enterprises LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-30
STELLER FARMS, LLC Multnomah Yes 2019-09-09
Stem Holdings Oregon, Inc. Washington Yes 2019-06-25
Stephan Franciosi Benton Yes 2021-01-22
Steve Dean Hanlin Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
020 10015742A07 Steven Dean Hanlin Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
St. Fiacres Nursery, LLC Washington Yes 2021-05-04
Sticky Icky Fields LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-19
Stik Man Farms Inc Lane Yes 2018-06-22
Stone Age Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Stone Age Farms LLC: DBA Excolo Clackamas Yes 2021-01-04
Stone Creek Farms LLC Lane Yes 2018-08-20
Stone Creek Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-09-25
stone hill llc Josephine Yes 2019-06-25
Stoneover Farms LLC Coos 2017-12-08
Stoneygoat Farms LLC; West Coast Gardens, LLC Benton Yes 2017-06-16
Storm 3, LLC Deschutes Yes 2018-01-19
020 10018475CA6 Strong Roots Farm Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
STRONG ROOTS FARM LLC Josephine Yes 2018-01-12
Strong Roots LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
STT Group, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
Sugar Mountain Botanical LLC Lane Yes 2018-12-28
Sugar Shack Farms LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-28
Sugar Tree Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Summary LLC Jackson Yes 2019-08-26
Summary LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-12-28
020 1000727CE8E Summit Cannabis LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000706CF8C Sun and Soil Washington Yes 2016-10-28
020 1000073058A Sun Breeze Inc Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sun Fire's Finest, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-12-18
020 100184969AF Sungreen Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sunlight Ridge, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-03-09
Sunny Valley Farms, Inc. Josephine 2018-08-20
Sunstone Marketing Partners, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Suzanne Marie Gordon & Tamara Jo Radford Jackson Yes 2017-08-25
020 100161996B8 Sweden Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Sweet Baby J, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-02-16
Sweet Creek Farm LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-02
Sweet Creek Farm LLC / FloraFarm Consulting LLC Josephine Yes 2017-05-19
Sweet Grass, Inc. Jackson Yes 2019-05-13
Sweet Tooth Canndy LLC Jackson Yes 2019-01-18
Sweet Tooth Canndy, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-02-22
Symbiotic Seeds LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-04-28
Synergy Concepts LLC Deschutes Yes 2019-01-18
Takilma Road Operator LLC Josephine Yes 2018-05-18
Tap-Reloop, LLC & High Spirit Acres, LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-16
Tap-Reloop, LLC & High Spirit Acres, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-12-04
Taste Budz of Oregon LLC Yamhill Yes 2019-09-27
Telos Consulting LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Tenacious, LLC Benton Yes 2018-04-20
020 1000616D3D4 Ten Mile Farm Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Ten Mile Farm LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-04
Terpene Farms II Inc. Lane Yes 2018-01-12
Terpene Gardens, Inc. Lane Yes 2018-01-12
Terra Mater Reserve Inc. Clackamas Yes 2017-07-28
Terranova Holdings LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-08
020 1001770413E Terra Verde Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 1001769A99E Terra Verde Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
TFF Inc. Clackamas Yes 2018-07-06
TG Industries LLC Deschutes Yes 2016-12-20
THC Cultivation LLC Deschutes Yes 2021-05-04
THC Equities LLC Lane Yes 2018-06-29
The Alberta Group Washington 2016-12-20
The Alberta Group LLC Washington Yes 2017-03-24
The Chipper Chicken, LLC Coos Yes 2017-06-30
020 1002250AD7C The Clone Brothers LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
The Clone Source LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
020 10021107CF0 The Coos Academy LLC Coos Yes 2016-10-28
The Dank Side LLC Benton Yes 2017-03-24
The Dank Side LLC Benton Yes 2018-03-09
The Dutch, LLC. Clackamas Yes 2018-12-28
The Dutch, LLC. Yamhill Yes 2021-01-15
The ESM Growers, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-08-26
The ESM Growers, LLC Michelle L. Dyer Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
The ESM Growers, LLC & Michelle L. Dyer Josephine Yes 2017-08-18
The Factory LLC Jackson Yes 2017-10-03
The Farmacy Gardens, LLC, and Robert Bartlett Clatsop Yes 2016-12-05
The Green Choice, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-03-25
The Green Cow Farm LLC Lane Yes 2018-04-20
The Green Planet, Inc Multnomah Yes 2016-12-12
the green room northwest llc Clackamas Yes 2018-10-19
THE GREEN ROOM NORTHWEST LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-07-22
The Grower's Cut, LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-06-30
020 1000470C581 THE GROWERS GUILD GARDENS CORPORATION Lane Yes 2016-10-28
The Herb Company LLC Josephine Yes 2019-06-11
020 100208315A7 The Higher Standard LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
The Holistic Choice Inc. Polk Yes 2018-01-12
The Holistic Coop LLC Lane Yes 2018-05-18
The House of Dank LLC Coos Yes 2021-01-04
The Humble Farm Company, LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-16
The Kendo Group LLC Polk Yes 2017-05-12
The Lusted Road Company LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-02
020 1000732E2C9 The Mash Tun, LLC Columbia Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002888772C The MCF Group LLC Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
The Oregon Horticulture Company, LLC Marion Yes 2017-07-07
The Right Brand, Inc Jackson Yes 2017-08-11
Thermal Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-04-25
Theron Spiek Lane Yes 2017-05-26
The Traveling Medicine Show LLC Josephine Yes 2017-12-22
Third Planet Organics LLC Linn Yes 2020-05-18
THIS BUDZ FOR YOU FARMS, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
Thomas and Dawn Hodgkins Jackson Yes 2018-03-30
Thomas Hodgkins & Dawn Hodgkins Jackson Yes 2017-10-06
Thomas&Minchow LLC Jackson Yes 2019-08-09
020 10012802F03 Thomas&Minchow LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10024427CAA Thomas S Gruszczenski Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Three Bros Grows, LLC Tillamook Yes 2018-07-20
Three Flavors Farms LLC Marion Yes 2019-03-08
Thunder Farms Corporation Multnomah Yes 2018-06-29
TieDie Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2018-08-20
020 1000619DB55 Tim and Tobin's Farm Company Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Tim and Tobin's Farm Company Josephine Yes 2020-11-20
Timed Release LLC Jackson Yes 2021-05-04
Tim's Cannabis, LLC Polk Yes 2019-07-26
020 100003225DA TKO Holding Inc. Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
TKO Holdings Inc Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
TLR Enterprises, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-06-30
TM AG Peter LLC/Peter Munro Clackamas Yes 2018-07-13
Tmcc LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Tmoney, LLC Marion Yes 2017-03-24
020 1001041C22B T & M Russo Corporation Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
T & M Trading Jackson Yes 2018-11-30
020 1001966648F T & M Trading Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
T & M Trading, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-05-18
T & M TRADING LLC Jackson Yes 2018-09-28
T & M TRADING LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-10-03
020 10017353A90 TMW Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
TMW Enterprises LLC Clackamas Yes 2021-02-26
Token Farms LLC. Washington Yes 2016-12-05
Toking Farms LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-22
020 1000348FC6E Tomato Hill Company Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Top Crop Farms, LLC Yamhill Yes 2021-05-04
Top Hill Cannabis LLC Coos Yes 2018-12-28
Top Hill Cannibus LLC Harney Yes 2017-06-16
Top Hill Cannibus LLC Coos Yes 2018-01-12
Top Notch Genetics, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-01-19
020 10007167FC2 Topshelf Garden Centre, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Top Shelf Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
Torres - Chavez, Bernardo Daniel and Munguia, Aristalia Yamhill Yes 2017-06-16
Total Living Organic Farms, LLC. Deschutes Yes 2018-03-30
Totem Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2019-11-08
020 10000357BC2 Trailhead Farms, LLC. Hood River Yes 2016-10-28
Treasure Valley Cannabis Company, LLC Curry Yes 2020-11-20
Tree Love LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-03
Treestar, LLC. Marion Yes 2020-05-18
Trellis Holdings OP - 5320 Dick George Road LLC Josephine Yes 2017-07-28
Trevor Allen Torquato Tillamook Yes 2018-03-30
Trevor Thompson Lane Yes 2017-08-18
020 100059365FB Trichome Acres LLC Wasco Yes 2016-10-28
Trichome Jungle LLC Polk Yes 2021-01-04
020 100110379E5 Trichomes Gardens Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Trichomes Gardens Limited Washington Yes 2017-12-08
Triple Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-12-04
Trizzy's Trees LLC Coos Yes 2018-05-25
Trizzy's Trees LLC Coos Yes 2020-08-07
TrueCare, Inc. Jackson Yes 2018-07-20
Truehitt 1, LLC Polk Yes 2018-08-20
Truly Blended LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-18
020 1002744C0A2 Truly Oreganic Farm Coos Yes 2016-11-10
Truly Oreganic Farm LLC Coos Yes 2018-10-19
TTF Consulting LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-04-10
Tulsi Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2017-08-18
Tumalo Blooming Farms, LLC Deschutes Yes 2017-11-17
Tungsten Farms LLC Yamhill Yes 2018-09-28
Twenty Seven Farms, LLC Washington Yes 2018-05-25
020 100290698DA TWO CREEKS LLC Multnomah 2016-10-28
Two Phat Buds, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-05
Two Ruffin Brothers LLC Deschutes Yes 2020-12-04
Tye Ann Horton and Gary Leroy Horton Tillamook Yes 2018-09-28
Tye Ann Horton & Gary Leroy Horton Tillamook Yes 2018-06-08
020 1002017A034 UBC, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
Uku Oregon, LLC Wasco Yes 2020-01-31
Ultimo Cannabis Company, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-05-13
020 100011981A9 Uncle Mark's Farm Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 1003129000D Underdog Farm llc Multnomah Yes 2016-10-28
Underdog Farm LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-20
Underground Up Farm LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-03-24
Unique Flower LLC Columbia Yes 2019-03-25
United Farm Company, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-05-04
Unity Alliance Investment LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-31
Upcountry, LLC Hood River Yes 2019-03-01
Uplifted, LLC Marion Yes 2017-10-06
UPROOT Organix LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
URBAN FARMZ LLC Washington Yes 2021-02-16
020 1000743FF92 Urban Medicinal LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Urban Pharms LLC Jackson Yes 2017-09-25
Urban Pharms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-12-04
URT Gardens LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
Utokia Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-05-25
Utokia, LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
020 1001312A3A0 Vagrant Hill Farm, LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Verdant Farm, LLC Clackamas Yes 2019-05-13
Verdant Leaf Farms LLC Washington Yes 2018-02-02
Vertical Extent, Inc. Clackamas Yes 2019-05-03
020 100067735B6 Vessel Farms, Inc Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Village Green Incorporated Jackson Yes 2017-07-07
Vincent Aszman, Jesse Aszman, Wanda Aszman Columbia Yes 2018-09-28
020 1001630230E Vincent Aszman, Jesse Aszman, Wanda Aszman. Columbia Yes 2016-10-28
Vincent Deschamps and Kate Deschamps Josephine Yes 2017-11-22
Viola Portland, LLC Polk Yes 2017-05-19
Viridia Farms Clackamas Yes 2018-01-26
Viridia Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-06-22
VIRIDIS, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-06-25
VISION ORGANICS LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
VISION ORGANICS, LLC Lane Yes 2018-01-12
VivaDome One LLC Jackson Yes 2020-01-17
VLF Management, LLC Polk Yes 2017-07-28
VLF Polk Property LLC Polk Yes 2017-11-17
VNR Ventures, LLC Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
VO Alliance Agriculture, LLC Lane Yes 2020-05-18
VSG INC Marion Yes 2020-05-18
Wagner Peak Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-03-30
Wahlbar Enterprises LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-04-10
Waine Industries, LLC Lane Yes 2017-07-28
020 1000814825E Ward's Organic Weed Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Wasco Ag Co Wasco Yes 2017-04-28
Water Dog Farm LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
Waterwheel Ventures LLC Jackson Yes 2017-11-17
WC3 LLC and KSB Property Management, LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-01-12
WCC Clackamas Yes 2017-04-25
WCCDI, LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
WCC LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-05-18
WEEDBUCKS FARMS, LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
Weedmart LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
Weed Oregon LLC Yamhill Yes 2020-05-18
Weed Patch Nursery, Inc. Tillamook Yes 2017-09-25
Wee Farms llc Clackamas Yes 2019-12-19
Wee Farms LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-10-02
Wee Farms, LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-12-23
Wee Productions LLC Clackamas Yes 2020-11-20
WeGrowGreen, LLC Josephine 2021-05-04
020 10005148708 West Coast Cannabis Consortium LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
West Coast Family Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2017-06-30
West Coast Family Farms, LLC Jackson Yes 2020-07-22
West Coast Farms, LLC. Jackson Yes 2017-05-12
WEST COAST GENETICS, LLC Jackson Yes 2019-03-01
West Coast Organics Ag LLC Curry Yes 2020-10-23
West Coast Organics Ag LLC Josephine Yes 2020-05-18
West Coast Organics LLC Curry Yes 2021-01-04
Western Oregon Botanicals Inc. Washington Yes 2017-03-24
Western Pastures Inc. Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
Westside Enterprises, LLC Lane Yes 2017-03-24
West Side Garden, LLC Lane Yes 2019-02-22
WH Enterprises LLC Josephine Yes 2018-01-12
020 1002447B70D Whiskey Creek Cannabis, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
White and Company LLC Marion Yes 2018-06-01
White Hat Farms LLC Coos Yes 2018-06-22
020 100133959C6 Whites Creek Cannabis Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 10002694AE6 White Tygh Farms Inc Wasco Yes 2016-10-28
White Wolf Ranch, Inc. Deschutes Yes 2020-01-17
WICC Investments LLC Wasco Yes 2017-10-03
WICC Investments, LLC Wasco Yes 2018-07-13
Wicked Cheeba LLC Curry Yes 2019-07-26
Wicked Flower Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2019-07-23
Wicked Flower Shoppe Jackson Yes 2019-05-03
Wicked Rain 76 LLC Jackson Yes 2017-07-28
020 1002378D2CB Wicked Rain Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
020 10020226685 Wilderville Farms, LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Wild Flower Farms LLC Jackson Yes 2018-03-19
Wild Flower Farms LLC Polk Yes 2021-01-04
Wildflower Naturals LLC Hood River Yes 2018-05-25
020 10003950A3A Wild West G Inc. Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Willamette Enterprises LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-06-30
Willamette Enterprises, LLC (DBA: Furthur Farms) Clackamas Yes 2019-11-08
Willamette Valley Exclusives LLC Lane Yes 2019-07-23
Willamette Valley Resources LLC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
William and Ronda Jones Josephine Yes 2021-05-04
William Huston / Enelda Huston Curry Yes 2017-09-25
Williams Cannabis Company LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-30
020 10006408104 WILLIAM'S WONDER FARMS, LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
WILLOWBILLYFARMS LLC Josephine Yes 2017-11-17
WILLOWBILLYFARMS LLC & Brittany Gierke Josephine Yes 2018-12-28
Wilvaca LLC Lane Yes 2016-12-20
WILVACA, LLC Lane Yes 2017-08-11
020 1000540046C Winds of Change, LLC Lane Yes 2016-10-28
020 1002538FEB6 Wise Decision Farms LLC Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
WJ Cannabis Farms, LLC Columbia Yes 2020-11-13
WJ Cannabis Farms, LLC Lane Yes 2021-05-04
WJK International LLC Clackamas Yes 2018-09-28
WMP Enterprises LLC. Clackamas Yes 2019-10-08
WM Ranch, LLC Hood River Yes 2017-06-16
Wolf Creek Grow LLC Josephine Yes 2018-12-07
Wonder Weed Company Inc. Josephine Yes 2018-07-20
020 1000634CFB2 Workingman's Bud LLC Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
WOW Family Farms LLC Lane Yes 2017-11-17
020 1001748D978 WRD Investments Lane Yes 2016-10-28
Wy'east Oregon Gardens, LLC Multnomah Yes 2017-03-24
Wykanush Ventures, LLC Multnomah Yes 2018-07-06
020 1001709DB77 Wyld Farms llc Clackamas Yes 2016-10-28
XW CULTIVATION, LLC Jackson Yes 2017-08-18
Yak, Inc. Marion Yes 2018-05-18
Yance Farms Inc Columbia Yes 2019-05-03
Yance Farms Inc. Columbia Yes 2018-03-09
YC CULTIVATION, LLC Jackson Yes 2018-06-22
YERBA BUENA Washington Yes 2019-05-03
020 10000662000 YERBA OREGON, LLC Washington Yes 2016-10-28
Yollco LLC Josephine Yes 2018-03-09
YOUNGSONS FLOWER CO. LLC Columbia Yes 2017-07-28
Yuni Evergreen Enterprises, LLC Columbia Yes 2018-04-20
Z.A.C., LLC Multnomah Yes 2021-05-04
Zelona LLC Clackamas Yes 2017-03-24
ZENBEANZ LLC Josephine Yes 2020-10-09
020 1000902EC45 ZenLion Growlights LLC Lane Yes 2016-11-10
020 1002507C98E Zen Pharm Josephine Yes 2016-10-28
Zen Pharm LLC Josephine Yes 2017-03-24
Zigjagman INC Yamhill Yes 2018-03-09
ZigjagmanINC Yamhill Yes 2017-03-24
ZION ROOTS LLC Jackson Yes 2019-05-03
ZIVA FARMS LLC Lane Yes 2021-02-19
Zoë Therapeutics LLC Josephine Yes 2018-01-26
020 1001594C586 ZPD LLC Jackson Yes 2016-10-28
Zuni Products, Inc. Josephine Yes 2019-05-13
Z&Z Industries LLC Lincoln Yes 2019-08-26
Z&Z Industries, LLC Lincoln Yes 2017-07-28